Splatoon 2: all you need to know about Splatfests (schedule, results, etc.)

Splatoon 2

Update: looking for details about the content updates for Splatoon 2 (new maps, Gear, weapons)? Then check out this post! For the archives of previous Splatfests, check out the link at the bottom of this page.


Splatfests are special in-game events taking place in Splatoon 2. You have to choose between two teams, depending on your answer to a given theme (for example: “What do you prefer, Cats or Dogs?”). Once you’ve selected your team, you take part in several 4 vs 4 battles, with one goal: make your team win, and prove your choice was the best one!

One thing to note about Splatfests is that once you’ve selected your team, you cannot change it: you have to stick with it until the bitter (or sweet) end! But this time around, you can choose to play on your own, or play with friends if you don’t like to play solo (but only with friends who voted for the same team).

After voting, you get a t-shirt that you will wear during the Splatfest. You can actually upgrade it and its Abilities before the event, by using it during the matches. The t-shirt has Ability Doubler.

From the time the Splatfest is announced up until the end of the event, you can send support messages for your team via the mail box found in the plaza.

At the end of each Splatfest, you get some Super Sea Snails (based on your performance during the event, and whether your team win or not). Those Super Sea Snails can be given to Murch, who can improve your Gear (to add Ability slots, etc.). You have to collect them before the next Splatfest is announced.

Splatoon 2 Super Sea Snail

The results are based on the following:

  • the total amount of votes for each Team
  • the results for Solo play
  • the results for Team play

In this post, we’re going to list everything about the Splatfests as they’re announce: schedule, themes, results. This post will be updated regularly as new festivals are announced, so stay tuned!

Splatoon 2 – Results for All Splatfests

  • Splatfest 0: [Japan] Team Rock (Pearl) / [Europe/North America] Team Ice Cream (Marina)
  • Splatfest 1: [Japan] Team Mayo (Pearl) / [North America] Team Mayo (Pearl) / [Europe] Team Mayo (Pearl)
  • Splatfest 2: [Japan] Team Chicken Nuggets (Marina) / [Europe/North America] Team Flight (Pearl)
  • Splatfest 3: [Japan] Team Endurance (Marina) / [Europe] Team Front Roll (Pearl) / [North America] Team Vampire (Pearl)
  • Splatfest 4: [Japan] Team Karaage Without Lemon Juice (Marina) / [Europe] Team Warm Breakfast (Pearl) / [North America] Team Fantasy (Marina)
  • Splatfest 5: [Japan] Team Warm Outwear Clothing (Marina) / [Europe] Team Film (Pearl) / [North America] Team Sweater (Pearl)
  • Splatfest 6: [Worldwide] Team Comedy (Marina)
  • Splatfest 7: [Japan] Team Challenger (Marina) / [Europe] Team Gherk-OUT (Pearl) / [North America] Team Love (Marina)
  • Splatfest 8: [Japan] Team Flowers (Pearl) / [Europe / North America] Team Chicken (Pearl)
  • Splatfest 9: [Japan] Team Popular Model (Marina) / [Europe] Team Salty (Pearl) / [North America] Team Baseball (Pearl)
  • Splatfest 10: [Japan] Team Advanced Technology (Marina) / [Europe / North America] Round 1: Team Raph (Pearl) – Round 2: Team Donnie (Marina) – Round 3: Team Donnie (Marina)
  • Splatfest 11: [Japan] Round 1: Team Hello Kitty (Pearl) – Round 2: Team My Melody (Pearl) – Round 3: Team My Melody (Marina) / [Europe / North America: Team Pulp (Pearl)
  • Splatfest 12: [Worldwide] Team Squid (Pearl)
  • Splatfest 13: [Japan] Team Kinoko no Yama (Pearl) / [Europe] Team Adventure (Pearl) / [North America] Team Fork (Pearl)
  • Splatfest 14: [Japan] Team Koshian (Marina) / [Europe / North America] Team Modern (Marina)
  • Splatfest 15: [Worldwide] Team Treat (Marina)

Total wins:

  • Pearl: 10 (Total: 23)
  • Marina: 8 (Total: 17)

NB: for the total wins, the results are combined for each Splatfest (including the different Rounds for Tournament-style Splatfests). For example, Marina won in the most regions during the pre-launch Splatfest, so she gets 1 point. And since she won in two regions (Europe/North America + Japan), she get 2 points in “Total”).

Important note: starting with the 14th one, Splatfests are getting a well-deserved refresh. Check out this post for more details!

Splatoon 2 – Next or current Splatfest

  • #15 – Europe, North America Japan (Splatoween) [click here for more details!]

Splatoon 2 Splatfest 15 worldwide EN

  • Theme: On Halloween, which one do you choose? Team Trick vs Team Treat!
  • Takes place from:
    • Europe / United Kingdom: October 19th (3PM BST / 4PM CEST) to October 21st (4PM BST / 4PM CEST)
    • North America: October 19th (3PM PT / 6PM ET) to October 21st (3PM PT / 6PM ET)
    • Japan: October 19th (5PM JST) to October 21st (5PM JST)
  • Winner: Team Treat (Popularity: 43.15% / Normal: 50.11%, Pro: 52.45%)
  • Illustrations and pictures:
  • Shifty Station:

Splatoon 2 – Previous Splatfest events

  • #11 – Japan
    Splatoon 2 Splatfest 11 JP
  • Theme: Who is the cutest Sanrio character?
  1. Round 1: Team Hello Kitty vs Team CinnamorollSplatoon 2 Splatfest 11 JP Round 1
  2. Round 2: Team My Melody vs Team PompompurinSplatoon 2 Spaltfest JP 11 R2
  3. Final Round: Team Hello Kitty vs Team My MelodySplatoon 2 Splatfest 11 Final
  • Takes place from:
    • Round 1: May 19th (3PM) to May 20th (3PM) [important: Super Sea Snails have to be collected before May 23rd)
    • Round 1: May 26th (3PM) to May 27th (3PM)
    • Final Round: June 9th (3PM) to June 9th (3PM)
  • Winner:
    • Round 1: Team Hello Kitty (Popularity: 39.24% / Solo: 50.96% / Team: 54.39%)
    • Round 2: Team My Melody (Popularity: 47.66% / Solo: 50.31% / Team: 51.09%)
    • Final Round: Team My Melody (Popularity: 38.60% / Solo: 50.41/ / Team: 50.93%)
  • Illustrations and pictures:
  • Shifty Station:

#11 – Europe / North America

Splatoon 2 Splatfest EUNA 11

  • Theme: How do you prefer your orange juice? Team With Pulp vs Team Without Pulp!
  • Takes place from:
    • Europe: June 23rd (3PM BST / 4PM CEST) to June 24th (3PM BST / 4PM EST)
    • North America: June 22nd (9PM PT) / June 23rd (12AM ET) to June 23rd (9PM PT) / June 24th (12AM ET)
  • Winner: Team Pulp – Pearl (Popularity: 32.65% / Solo: 50.62% / Team: 52.61%)
  • Illustrations and pictures:
  • Shifty Station:

  • #12 – Worldwide

Splatoon 2 Splatfest 12 ww

  • Theme: Which one are you? Team Squid vs Team Octopus! [Important note: you play as an Inkling if you choose Team Squid, and as an Octoling if oyu choose Team Octopus, even if you don’t own or haven’t completed the Octo Expansion yet]
  • Takes place from:
    • Europe: July 21st (3PM BST / 4PM CEST) to July 22nd (3PM BST / 4PM CEST)
    • North America: July 20th (9PM PT) / July 21st (12AM ET) to July 21st (9PM PT) / July 22nd (12AM ET)
    • Japan: July 21st (3PM JST) to July 22nd (3PM JST)
  • Winner: Team Squid (Popularity: 44.04%, Solo: 51.66%, Team: 52.94%)
  • Illustrations and pictures:
  • Shifty Station: features a strange squid / octopus balloon…

  • #13 – Japan

Splatoon 2 Splatfest 13 Japan

  • Theme: Which one do you prefer? Team Kinoko no yama vs Team Takenoko no sato!
  • Takes place from: August 18th (3PM JST) to August 19th (3PM JST)
  • Winner: Team Kinoko no Yama (Popularity: 39.87%, Solo: 50.28%, Team: 50.21%)
  • Illustrations and pictures:
  • Shifty Station:
  • #13 – Europe

Splatoon 2 Splatfest EU 13

  • Theme: How do you prefer to spend your holidays? Team Adventure vs Team Relax!
  • Takes place from: August 18th (3PM BST / 4PM CEST) to August 19th (3PM BT / 4PM CEST)
  • Winner: Team Adventure (Popularity: 34.12%, Solo: 50.11%, Team: 52.13%)
  • Illustrations and pictures:
  • Shifty Station:
  • #13 – North America

Splatoon 2 Splatfest 13 NA

  • Theme: Which one is more important? Team Fork vs Team. Spoon!
  • Takes place from: August 24th (9PM PT) / August 25th (12AM ET) to August 25th (9PM PT) / August 26th (12AM ET)
  • Winner: Team Fork (Popularity: 46.80%, Solo: 51.62%, Team: 50.31%)
  • Illustrations and pictures:
  • Shifty Station:

  • #14 – Japan

Splatoon 2 Splatfest 14 JP

  • Theme: How do you like you red bean paste? Team Tsubuan vs Team Koshian!
  • Takes place from: September 23rd (3PM JST) to September 24th (3PM JST)
  • Winner: Team Koshian (Popularity: 58.41%, Normal: 50.27%, Pro: 50.16%)
  • Illustrations and pictures:
  • Shifty Station:
  • #14 – Europe / North America

Splatoon 2 Splatfest 14 EU NA

  • Theme: What’s your style? Team Retro vs Team Modern!
  • Takes place from:
    • Europe: August 22nd (3PM BST / 4PM CEST) to August 23rd (3PM BST / 4PM CEST)
    • North America: August 21 (9PM PT) / August 22nd (12AM ET) to August 22nd (9PM PT) / August 23rd (12AM ET)
  • Winner: Team Modern (Popularity: 68.83%, Normal: 51.23%, Pro: 51.79%)
  • Illustrations and pictures:
  • Shifty Station:

Splatoon 2 – Splatfests Archives

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