Puzzle & Dragons – Super Mario Bros. Edition: English overview trailer

Last week, Nintendo uploaded an overview trailer for Puzzle & Dragons Z. The game will come with Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, which gets its own overview trailer this week. Just like the one for Puzzle & Dragons Z, it showcases the main aspects of the game and its gameplay.

Obviously, everything starts when Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach… once again. As for the gameplay, the core is pretty much the same as in the regular Puzzle & Dragons game (and Puzzle & Dragons Z): you have to put orbs together in order to make them disappear, and attack enemies.

By pulling off combos, you can not only deal more damage, but you can also get special items. Therefore, a bit of strategy will do you wonders, especially against tough bosses.

In Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, players will be able to find over 80 familiar characters from the Mario series. There’s also over 250 creatures to capture and evolve. If you evolve characters in your team, they will gain brand new skills, but their skill level will go back to 1. Finally, there’s special characters to unlock, such as Ghost Mario or Fire Luigi.

Here’s the overview trailer for Puzzle & Dragons – Super Mario Bros. Edition:

There’s also some additional screenshots:

Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition (3DS) comes out on April 29th in Japan, May 8th in Europe and May 22nd in North America. In the west, the game will come in a bundle with Puzzle & Dragons Z.

Source: 4Gamer.net



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