Power Disc Slam: details, trailer, screenshots

Power Disc Slam is an “intense arcade sports” coming to the Nintendo 3DS. It features the following:

  • 8 different character, with their own skills and abilities (Cooper: focus on power / Mariana: focus on speed / Henrik: focus on reach / Adeline: focus on tricks);
  • Different stages: you can play on several surfaces, with obstacles, and more;
  • Several Single Player modes: Arcade (take on each challenger in turn), Cup (4 increasingly difficult cups to win), Survival, Free Play, Tutorial
  • Mini-games (with 8 levels each): Score Challenge (try to hit obstacles), Moving Targets, Avoid and Score (catch discs and hit your targets while avoiding the discs coming at you),  Disc Bloc Dash (some sort of Arkanoid clone), Run and Collect (collect fruit while avoiding the discs thrown at you), Rally Challeng;
  • Multiplayer: Local and Online Multiplayer, StreetPass
  • 60FPS display even in 3DS

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots for the game:

Power Disc Slam (3DS eShop) should be released sometime this Summer.

Source: Chequered Cow Games


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