Pokémon news (Nov. 24) – Pokémon Shuffle: new challenges and stages

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Today, a new update for Pokémon Shuffle went live (Ver. 1.2.25), and you need to use the check-in feature in-game in order to get it. It will give you access to:

  • an Escalation Battle featuring Latios (on Nintendo 3DS). You can catch it and get the following rewards (which depend on the number of time you’ve beat the stage):
  1. Level 5: EXP Points x1.5
  2. Level 10: Disruption Delay
  3. Level 25: Mega Start
  4. Level 50 Latiosite
  5. Level 100: Mega Speedup
  • an Escalation Battle featuring Latias (on Mobile). You can catch it and get its Mega Stone.
  • the Keldeo stage is back in Pokémon Shuffle Mobile.
  • the Machamp stage is live on Nintendo 3DS and Mobile.

Finally, the rewards for the Mega Manectite are now being sent to players. Here’s what you will get by using the check-in feature in-game:

  • Top 1,000 players in Europe, Top 1,600 players in North America, Top 5,000 players in Japan: Manectite + Mega Speedup
  • Top 12,000 players in Europe, Top 18,000 players in North America, Top 50,000 players in Japan: Manectite
  • Top 100 000 players on mobile: Manectite
  • Top 20,000 players in Europe, Top 30,000 players in North America, Top 80,000 players in Japan: Attack Power
  • Top 100 000 players on mobile: Attack Power
  • Not Ranked : Jewel

You have until Novemer 30th (6AM UTC) to get your reward.


Finally, some news regarding the Zoroark distribution:

  • in Germany, the distribution at GameStop seems to have been cancelled.
  • in the United Kingdom, the distribution at GAME ends on Thursday.

Head after the break for several videos for Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon:

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (3DS) comes out on February 19th in Europe!

Source: Serebii


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