Otomate Factory: even more Otome games announced for the Nintendo Switch

Last year, Idea Factory made it clear that the new home for their Otomate brand is the Nintendo Switch by announcing a lot of games for it (brand new titles and many ports). Some more games were announced a few months later. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that even more games for the Nintendo Switch were announced during the latest Otomate Party event last weekend.

Once again, Idea Factory some brand new titles alongside some more ports of existing titles. Here’s the full list of games:

  • Spade no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful White World~
  • Spade no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Black World~
  • Cupid Parasite (releasing in 2020)
  • Dairoku: Ayakashimori (releasing in 2020)
  • Tokei Shikake no Apocalypse
  • Pio Fiore no Bansou – Episodio 1926 –
  • Meiji Katsugeki High Colour Ryuuseigumi – Seibai Shimaseu, Yonaoshi Kagyou – (releasing in 2020)
  • AMNESIA for Nintendo Switch (releasing on September 12th. Price: 6 804 Yen (regular), 8 964 Yen (Limited Edition) )
  • AMNESIA LATER×CROWD for Nintendo Switch (releasing on October 3rd. Price: 7 344 Yen (regular), 9 504 Yen (Limited Edition))
  • Collar×Malice for Nintendo Switch (releasing in 2020)
  • Olympia Soirée
  • Gensou Kissa Enchanté (releasing on October 10th. Price: 6 804 Yen (regular), 8 964 Yen (Limited Edition))
  • Birshana Senki ~Genpei Hika Musou~ (releasing in 2020)

Here’s a YouTube playlist with the trailer for all the games listed above:

The Upcoming Games page has been updated with the all new games and release dates!

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