NPD: some data for October 2016

Yesterday, the NPD published its monthly report for the American market, and in October, things did improve a bit compared to last year. Total sales generated $875.7 million in revenues, which is a 6% percent increase Year on Year. Hardware sales kept on dropping, but this time around, Software sales were enough to compensate.

Here’s some raw data to begin:

  • Hardware: $215.2 million (-20%), as opposed to $270.3 million million in October 2015;
  • Console Software: $505.7 million (+31%), as opposed to $384.8 million in October 2015;
  • Accessories (including Toys to Life category): $121 million (-24%), as opposed to $160.2 million in October 2015.


Software-wise, sales were boosted by the release of many popular games… but none of them were on either the Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS. Speaking of Nintendo, Software sales were not very good: according to Astronaut Claire, all their titles combined “comprised a mere 5% of sales” last month (despite the holiday period drawing even nearer), and sales dropped by 43%.

Even worse: Battlefield 1 alone generated +4 times more revenue than all Nintendo games combined did in October 2016. Of course, EA’s shooter was incredibly successful, but it also demonstrates the relative weakness of Software sales for Nintendo.


Hardware-wise, the main reason behind the drop in sales is… the price of consoles. They are cheaper than ever, and so dollar sales dropped. It’s not so much that people are buying less consoles (well… they certainly are buying less Wii U!), and more than said consoles are less expensive so they generates less revenue overall.

For Nintendo, October was another good month Hardware-wise… at least, for the Nintendo 3DS. According to the NPD, October was the 5th month in a row with an increase in sales for the Nintendo 3DS (Year on Year). What’s more, both unit sales and dollar sales are up (+12%), thanks to the average price remaining stable.

According to the NPD, it’s both interest in the Pokémon franchise (Pokémon GO, and anticipation for Pokémon Sun and Moon) and Monster Hunter Generations that have been driving sales. The former is bound to have a massive impact on sales next month, along with the $99 New Nintendo 3DS packs, so November should a 6th month of consecutive growth for Nintendo’s handheld.

Source: NPD
A big thanks to Astronaut Claire for the extra data!


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