Brave Dungeon: new characters revealed, release date, more

Announced earlier this year for the Nintendo 3DS, Brave Dungeon (a Dungeon RPG by the developers of the Legend of Dark Witch series) finally has a release date: November 30th. That’s right… it’s in less than two weeks! (Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated with this new date).

Here’s some of the characters appearing in this game:

  • Aru (voiced by Junca Aomoto): the protagonist. She’s a Treasure Fighter, and in battle, she focuses on attacks with a broad range. Her Revenge Magic is called Hyper Freeze;
  • Paperune: a young woman from Portsmouth City. In battle, she focuses on attacking a specific point, and her Revenge Magic is called Mirage Crow;
  • Ludee: a young woman who doesn’t seem to have any occupation. Her battle type is “I love myself!”, and her Revenge Magic is called Miracle Rush;
  • Stoi: a youg woman who lives on Belfa Island. In battle, she focuses on healing teammates, and her Revenge Magic is called Large Chibi Stoi Summon;
  • Marie: a dubious researcher, who focuses on… harassing enemies in battle. Her Revenge Magic is called Dark Matter;
  • Ruglee (voiced by Natsuki Hamada): she runs the inn where adventurers stop by. She’s pretty skilled at cooking, which led her to get quite the reputation among adventurers.

Here’s some artworks and a couple of screenshots for Brave Dungeon:

Brave Dungeon (3DS eShop) will be released on November 30th in Japan. It’s quite likely that Circle Ent. will bring the game to Europe and North America later down the line.

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