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[North America] Nintendo eShop line-up (May 25): The Girl and the Robot / Darksiders

Nintendo only sends its usual press release on Thursday, and so, the Nintendo eShop line-up below is not complete, and is actually missing quite a lot of things (including sales). It will be updated regularly, until the press release is out.

Update: added missing games.

NB: the Nintendo eShop will be udpated at 9AM PST / 12PM EST! Unless otherwise specified, retail releases and related content for third-party titles is on Tuesday.

Nintendo Switch

  • Disgaea 5 Complete (NIS America): $59.99 [70 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]
  • Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (Capcom): $39.99 [40 Gold Coins] [web eShop page] (available on May 26th)
  • ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters ’99 (Hamster): $7.99 [10 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]

Wii U

  • The Girl and the Robot (Flying Carpet Games): $9.99  [20 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]

Nintendo 3DS


Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS)

  • Undaunted Heroes Pack ($9.99 / CA$14.09 )
  1. Wealth Before Health ($3.99 / $5.69 CA)
  2. Inner Sanctum ($3.99 / $5.69 CA)
  3. Lords of the Grave ($3.99 / $5.69 CA)
  • Lost Altars Pack ($14.99 / CA$21.19)
  1. Altar of the Destrier ($1.99 / $2.89 CA)
  2. Altar of the Titan ($1.99 / $2.89 CA)
  3. Altar of the Skylord ($1.99 / $2.89 CA)
  4. Altar of the Sorceress ($1.99 / $2.89 CA)
  5. Altar of the Faerie ($1.99 / $2.89 CA)
  6. Altar of the Ogre ($1.99 / $2.89 CA)
  7. Altar of the Marksman ($1.99 / $2.89 CA)
  8. Altar of the Savant ($1.99 / $2.89 CA)
  9. Altar of the King ($1.99 / $2.89 CA)
  10. Altar of the Queen ($1.99 / $2.89 CA)


The complete list of games can be found on this page. It will be updated with this week’s new sales as soon as possible.

My Nintendo

Today, some new rewards were added to My Nintendo in North America:

[Mobile/PC] Complete Access – Pikmin 3 Prima Official Game Guide (Guide): 30 Gold Coins [available until January 1st]
[Wii U] 15% off Nintendo Selects: Pikmin 3 (Nintendo eShop): 300 Platinum Coins [available until August 25th]
[Wii U] 30% off Pikmin (Virtual Console): 50 Gold Coins [available until August 25th]
[Wii U] Pikmin 3 Map Pack 2: Battle Enemies! Stages 7-10 (DLC): 20 Gold Coins [available until August 25th]
[Wii U] Pikmin 3 Map Pack 3: All-New Mission Stages 12-15 (DLC): 40 Gold Coins [available until August 25th]
[Wii U] Pikmin 3 Map Pack 1: Collect Treasure! Stages 7-10 (DLC): 20 Gold Coins [available until August 25th]
[3DS] Pikmin Working Together (Nintendo 3DS Theme): 20 Golden Coins [available until August 25th]

As usual, you can find the complete list of rewards for all regions on this page!

Upcoming releases

May 30th

[Switch eShop] Astro Duel Deluxe (Panic Button): $14.99 [20 Gold Coins] [web eShop]

June 1st

[Wii U eShop] Sphere Slice (RCMADIAX): $1.49

Source: Nintendo / Nintendo eShop PR


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