Nintendo news (Oct. 24): Super Mario Odyssey / GameCube controller on Switch

Today’s Nintendo news: two “new” commercials for Super Mario Odyssey, but also…

  • GameCube controller on Nintendo Switch
  • Fire Emblem Warriors
  • First 4 Figures

Super Mario Odyssey

Yesterday, Nintendo shared not one, but two “new” commercials for Super Mario Odyssey:

Speaking of Super Mario Odyssey, it will be featured in Famitsu magazine this week, with a 18 page article. This article contains a guide with highlights for the various Kingdoms, tips for getting Power Moons, and various details and tips/tricks.

Here’s the preview pages:

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) comes out on October 27th, worldwide.

Source: Famitsu

GameCube controller on Nintendo Switch

Last week, Nintendo released a major Firmware update for the Nintendo Switch, adding highly-requested features such as video recording (you can find all the details on this page). But it looks like this update has quite a few surprises not mentioned, such as compatibility with USB headset, but also… the GameCube controller (via the adaptor originally sold for the Wii U).

Here’s a video showing the controller being used on a Nintendo Switch:

Many users have also reported the controller working with the console, so it’s definitely a legitimate new feature… though this really makes you wonder why on earth didn’t mention it in the patch notes for Ver. 4.0.0!

Fire Emblem Warriors

Here’s a live-action commercial for Fire Emblem Warriors:

First 4 Figures

Remember the Life Size Majora’s Mask prop unveiled by First 4 Figures a few months ago? Well, they’ve greatly improved it since then, and yesterday, they shared a video showing the differences between the two versions… quite striking!

Here’s the video:


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