Nintendo news (June 29): Hey! Pikmin / SNES Classic / SNES Mini (France)

Today’s Nintendo news: some more screenshots for Hey! Pikmin, but also…

  • SNES Classic / SNES Mini (France)
  • SNES mouse
  • Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition x Yoiko

Hey! Pikmin

Here’s some more screenshots for Hey! Pikmin on Nintendo 3DS:

Hey! Pikmin (3DS) comes out on July 13th in Japan, and July 28th in Europe and North America. Don’t forget that a demo is already available on the Nintendo eShop in Europe, if you want to try out the game before it’s out!

Source: 4Gamer

SNES Classic / SNES Mini (France)

Following the announcement of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition / Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainement System, Nintendo sent a statement to Kotaku, explaining that they would ship many more units for this new console than they did for the NES Mini / NES Classic.

And it looks like it wasn’t just PR talk. According to retailers data, shared by NintendHOME, Nintendo will have 160 000 units of the SNES Mini available for Day 1 in France. In comparison, Nintendo “only” sold 84 000 NES Mini in France… from November to April. That’s even more than the Nintendo Switch, which had “only” 105 000 units available on Day 1.

And of course, that’s just for launch: Nintendo promised additional shipments throughout the holidays, too.

We don’t have data for other countries yet, but given pre-orders at various retailers in Europe are remaining open significantly longer than they did for the NES Classic / NES Mini, it does look like Nintendo is indeed planning to ship a lot more SNES Classic / SNES Mini at launch. Hopefully, trying to secure one will not become the nightmare it was last year!

Source: NintenHOME

SNES mouse

Ever since the NES, Nintendo has always released plenty of different peripherals for its consoles. Some of them were pretty popular (such as the Wii Balance Board), while others were failure… not to mention those that never came out of Japan. Back in 1992, Nintendo released a rather curious peripheral for the SNES… a mouse! In total, dozens of compatible games were released, mostly in Japan.

And it turns out that Hyperkin is also going to release such a mouse, on July 6th. Yes, 2017. For the original SNES, not the SNES Classic / SNES Mini. It will cost $19.99. If you’re interested, you can place a pre-order over at! [NB: affiliate link]

Here’s the product specifications:

  • SNES compatible
  • Perfect with Mario Paint and other compatible SNES mouse titles
  • Iconic retro-style color scheme
  • Smooth and responsive cursor control, perfect for drawing, commanding troops, or fragging enemies
  • 6 ft. cable

And here’s some pictures of the mouse (meant to look like the original SNES mouse) and its packagaging:

Thanks NOLA_Gaffer for the heads up!

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition x Yoiko

Here’s the 4th episode of the web series from Nintendo (in Japan), about the adventures of Yoiko (the comedy duo Shinya Arino of Game Center CX fame is part of) in Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition!



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