Fire Emblem Heroes: next update detailed (Ver. 1.5.0); adds Chain Challenge and Squad Assault, more

A few days ago, the developers announced via an in-game notification that Fire Emblem Heroes would soon get a new update: Ver. 1.5.0, releasing on July 5th. And today, we finally got some details about that update, which does add a lot of new features, starting with the Chain Challenge and Squad Assault.

Those two are two new modes for Story Maps, and they have you challenge a series of maps. If you clear Chain Challenge on Normal and Hard, then you will get some Hero Feathers. But if you clear it on Lunatic, then you will earn some precious Orbs!

As for Squad Assault, it’s introduced as a “very difficult mode”, where Heroes are captured by the enemy after completing a map. Once they have been captured, heroes simply cannot be deployed until the challenge ends. You can earn some Sacred Seals and Orbs thanks to this mode.

Naturally, both Chain Challenge and Squad Assault will be expanded, as new story maps are added.

With Ver. 1.5.0 of Fire Emblem Heroes, the developers are making even more adjustments to how you earn EXP. You can now earn even more EXP when defeating enemies with a gap in level compared to your Heroes:

  • defeating weaker enemies have a less severe EXP limit (in other words, the “penalty” will not be as severe, and you will end up with more EXP overall)
  • defeating stronger enemies sees you get a bigger EXP bonus.

But that’s not all: you also get more EXP when healing with a staff, and 5★ Heroes get more EXP than ever before when defeating higher-level enemies.

The developers are also bringing some welcome changes to Tempest Trials, the new type of event introduced a few days ago. For starters, when retrying a stage, injured enemies’ HP do not regenerate anymore, and defeated enemies will stay defeated. One thing that will not change compared to Ver. 1.4.0: if an enemy HP is high, their HP will be decreased for the next challenge.

When determining whether to retain a wounded enemy’s HP value or decrease their HP, the game will use whichever value is lower.

Also, scores for Normal and Hard have been adjusted, and are as follows:

  • Hard: 35 points
  • Normal: 30 points
  • (Lunatic: 40 points, no change).

Next, we have some more Hero Sorting Options. From Ver. 1.5.0 onwards, you can use up to 3 sorting conditions simultaneously.

Even the Summoning Focuses get some attention with this update: they’re getting more info on the Summoning Screen, such as the amount of time remaining that is now being displayed. A “More Info” link has also been added, allowing you to quickly access details about each Summonin Focus.

The developers also made it easier than ever to make purchases, with a “Complete Purchase” button added to the Purchase Orbs screen, allowing you to complete purchases interrupted by connection errors. You can also use that very button if a purchase fails during a summon, so that you don’t need to relaunch the app anymore.

As for the barracks, their maximum size was increased from 500 to 1 000 Heroes. Naturally, you will still need Orbs to expand them!

Finally, Ver. 1.5.0 will bring various other improvements to Fire Emblem Heroes:

  • Show Danger Area: a new option found in Settings, that allows you to display the danger area automatically at the beginning of the map;
  • Battles: for battles with special conditions, the winning conditions are now displayed on the battle’s system menu;
  • Arena: when checking rewards, the Tier rewards are displayed first;
  • Friends: on the friend-deletion screen, the time of your friend’s last log-in is no displayed;
  • Rewards: on the rewards screen, you can now check out details about the Sacred Seals by tapping them;
  • Battery: on Android devices, the app uses less battery in sleep mode
  • Sound: on iOS, issues with sound have been fixed.

Here’s some additional screenshots:

And that’s it for Ver. 1.5.0 of Fire Emblem Heroes, releasing on July 5th!

Source: 4Gamer



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