New Kersploosh / Splash or Crash: screenshots and trailer

A few weeks ago, Poisoft announced that a new Kersploosh / Splash or Crash game was in development for the Nintendo 3DS. In fact, it’s coming out next week in Japan, on April 22nd! Of course, the goal in this “sequel” is the same: throw various projectiles down a well, and reach the bottom as fast as possible.

This new Kersploosh / Splash or Crash also has 15 new projectiles (such as a Donut or a Blowfish, for a total of 25), new obstacles and a total of 43 stages (including remixes of stages from the first game). But this time around, you don’t just get wells: there’s also more… “exotic” stages, such as the stomach of a dinosaur for example.

The game will also feature some options for the 3DS visuals, allowing you to chose the kind of display you prefer (emphasis on depth, middle or front). Players who like to compete for the best score will be able to do so via StreetPass, but also via QR Codes: apparently, developers are planning to have a special ranking/contest on the official website. As for StreetPass, players will be able to show off their favorite kind of stone when sending their data to other players.

Here’s a trailer for this new Kersploosh / Splash or Crash game:

Here’s some screenshots:

And finally, some additional screenshots from the official website:

New Kersploosh / Splash or Crash (3DS eShop) comes out on April 22nd in Japan.

Source: Famitsu



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