Poisoft releasing a new Kersploosh / Splash or Crash game on April 22nd in Japan

Did you like Kersploosh (US) / Splash or Crash (EU), on the 3DS eShop? It’s a quirky downloadable game where you throw various items down a well, in order to reach the bottom as fast as possible. If your answer is yes, then you’re in for a treat: a “sequel” has just been announced during the Poisoft Conference 2015! It’ll include even more stages (between 20 and 30), including some secret ones which are remixed levels from the first game.

This time around, there’s no less than 15 different projectiles, including an ice cube, a boom box, false teeth, some pepper and even darts. You’ll have to guide them through all those wells, which feature some new obstacles such as cacti, ice rings and much more.  And for some reason, the game will include some New Nintendo 3DS enhancements, but no more details are available at the time being.

The developers also mentionned they worked on various aspects of the game that they weren’t too happy with in the first Kersploosh / Splash or Crash, such as menus, StreetPass functionality or online leaderboards.

Here’s the very first screenshots for the game, which doesn’t have a title right now:

This new Kersploosh / Splash or Crash game is coming out on April 22nd in Japan, and will cost 500 Yen.

Source: 4Gamer.net
Thanks StreetsAhead for the translations.



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