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Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) announced for the Nintendo 3DS, trailer and details

Today, a new Nintendo Direct presentation was streamed live in Japan, and it was entirely dedicated to the Monster Hunter series. As many fans were speculating, it’s indeed a new Monster Hunter game that was revealed, and more precisely Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross). Since Nintendo had warned the presentation wouldn’t feature the Nintendo Switch, it’s no surprise that the game was announced for the Nintendo 3DS.

Without further ado, here’s the debut trailer for Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross):

Here’s the team behind the game:

  • Ryozo Tsujimoto (Producer of the Monster Hunter series)
  • Yasunori Ichinose (Director of the Monster Hunter series)
  • Shintaro Kojima (Producer)
  • Daisuke Ichihara (Director)
  • Takuro Hiraoka (Main Planner)

Quite obviously, the game is based on Monster Hunter X / Generations, and retains its key elements (the Hunting Styles, the Hunting Arts, the 4 main monsters, and more). But obviously, it will also have some brand new features.

First, there will be two new Hunting Styles:

  • Brave Style: for those who want to drown enemies in a flurry of hits, and are ready to take risks to do so;
  • a new Style that will be revealed at a later date. It seems to have something to do with explosives…

There will also be:

  • new Hunting Skills
  • new Prowler Skills
  • a new Field called Igunrei
  • a new base (located on Zeppelins)

Of course, the Main Monsters from Monster Hunter X, but there will also be two new ones:

  • Devil Diablos
  • Barufaruku (Japanese name)

Good news for players who already played Monster Hunter X: they will be able to transfer their save data, and most likely get some goodies in the process. Those who have played Monster Hunter Stories will also be able to transfer their save data, in order to unlock Nabirou as a special Felyne.

Pre-orders will open on November 10th. It looks like players who buy the game at launch will be able to get the following Nintendo 3DS Themes:

The game will be released on March 18th in Japan, and will cost 5 800 Yen (+ taxes) at retail, and 5 546 Yen (+ taxes) on the Nintendo eShop. The official website can be found there.

If you missed the Monster Hunter Direct presentation, here’s the full recording:

Finally, here’s various screencaps:

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) (3DS) comes out on March 18th in Japan. Unfortunately, we don’t know if this new game will be released in the west, but an enhanced port on Nintendo Switch is certainly possible. Guess we will get an announcement in January, during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017!


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