Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition / Minecraft: Wii U Edition – New update and DLC out later today

At E3 2017, a massive update for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition was announced, that will bring cross-platform online multiplayer and a various other features (click here for more details). But as explained in that post, all versions of the game are still going to get regular updates in the mean time (and they will continue for the Wii U version even after the release of the Better Together update on Nintendo Switch).

In fact, there’s a new one releasing later today (tomorrow morning for Europe and Japan), and as usual, you can find the full patch notes on these pages:

Most of that update consists of bug fixes, but there’s more to it: as usual, there’s some new free and paid DLC! Here’s the additional content included in this update:

  • Biome Settlers 2 Skin Pack (inspired by the Nether & Mushroom Island biomes)

  • CANYON (free map for the Glide Mini Game)

On Nintendo Switch, this update will be extra special, as it finally allows for 1080p display when the console is docked. Previously, it was limited to 720p due to an issue with the resolution switch when the console goes from docked to handheld. It was likely the developers would work on a “fix”, and it looks like they did.

As usual, this new update and DLC for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition / Wii U Edition will be released following some maintenance taking place tonight/tomorrow morning.



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