MHS – The World of Monster Hunter Stories #4, footage (amiibo, Kopuni Village, more), DLC, guidebook, TCG

The World of Monster Hunter Stories

With just a couple of days left until release, Capcom has launched a new video series for Monster Hunter Stories. In this one, the company showcases the various elements of the game, complete with commentary from Lilia (the protagonist’s childhood friend). In the fourth and final episode, it’s the ancient ceremony and multiplayer we get a look at.

The ancient ceremony allows you to transfer abilities/skills from one Otomon to the other. This makes them stronger, but also more versatile, as it allows them to learn moves they normally shouldn’t be able to use.

As for multiplayer, there’s VS battles you can play either via local wireless or the internet. During those, you can use various stamps to communicate with your opponent, similar to those found in popular messenging apps like LINE.

StreetPass is also used in Monster Hunter Stories, and allows you to share Rider Cards with people you meet. On the card, there’s a picture of you, Nabiru, and an Otomon: naturally, you can customise it by chosing a different background. Talking of backgrounds, you can receive additional ones via the internet and other methods. Finally, you can also get special dungeons via StreetPass, including some rare ones.

Here’s the fourth and final episode of The World of Monster Hunter Stories, which is about the ancient ceremonuy and multiplayer:

Monster Hunter Stories – Gameplay footage, amiibo details

On Wednesday, Monster Hunter Stories was once again showcased during the latest episode of Capcom TV. We uploaded separate segments from the show, in order to keep just the relevant bits… the gameplay footage!

First, let’s start with something you’ve already seen several times before… character creation!

Next, some gameplay footage for the game proper, with Kopuni Village, some regular battles, egg hunting and hatching, some flying, the ancient ceremony, and even amiibo.

Talking of amiibo, Capcom revealed earlier this week what you would get when scanning one. And the video below shows how it works from 27:43. First, you talk with a Felyne called Nekonect-san, and you chose the amiibo option in the menu. Then, you scan one of the compatible amiibo figures, and chose a Mii and a Nickname for the amiibo.

After that, you go talk to the Felyne taking care of Otomon eggs, and give him the amiibo egg you got by scanning the figure. After that, the egg hatches, and you get your special Otomon!

Finally, the third and final recording shows some multiplayer battles:

Monster Hunter Stories – Downloadable Content

Just like previous Monster Hunter games on Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter Stories will get some additional contents via the internet and other methods. Here’s what players will be able to get:

  • Subquests and tournaments, that need to be completed/beaten in order to get some collaboration goodies (Pompompurin costume for Nabiru, Daigo costume for the protagonist, and more);
  • new competitions rules for multiplayer;
  • stamps for multiplayer “chat”;
  • backgrounds for your Rider Card.

All the downloadable content can be downloaded from Download Menu of the game.

Source: 4Gamer.net

Monster Hunter Stories – Guidebook

Tomorrow, on the same day as the game itself, the Monster Hunter Stories: Official Riders Guide will be released in Japan. It includes a full walkthrough of the main story, maps, data about Otomon, monsters, armour, weapons, and more:

  • Character introductions
  • Walkthrough of the main story, with maps, flowcharts, and more
  • Monster and Otomon data
  • Weapons and Armor data

But that’s not all: the guidebook also includes a download code, that allows you to get a special Diablos in-game.

Here’s the cover and some preview pages:

Some additional details about the guidebook:

  • Price: 1 300 Yen
  • Size: A5
  • Pages: 240 (full colour)

Source: Gamer.ne.jp

Monster Hunter Stories – Trading Card Game

Tomorrow, Bandai will launch the first series of the official Monster Hunter Stories Trading Card Game. The cards feature various (and often exclusive) illustrations of characters, monsters, and Otomon. They even come with QR Codes, which can net you some extra goodies in Monster Hunter Stories on Nintendo 3DS when scanned.

There’s several packs:

  • packs of 8 cards: 200 Yen
  • packs of 4 cards (vending machines): 100 Yen
  • Starter pack (30 cards, manual): 900 Yen

Here’s some pictures of the cards and the packs:

Source: Gamer.ne.jp

Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) comes out on October 8th in Japan.


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