Lost Sphear: latest details and screens (new characters, Vulcosuits, more)

Following the article in last week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, Square-Enix has shared more details and screenshots for Lost Sphear. This time around, the focus is on two new characters, and Vulcosuits.

Let’s start with the two new characters:

  • Obaro (54 year old man): a mysterious man who was freed from an eternal state of Lost when Kanata awakened his Power of Memory. He claims to be an “Armoured Man” of the previous generation of human beings, and a King. He seems to be regretting his past actions, which is probably why he decided to accompany Kanata, in order to assist him on his journey. He believes him to be the saviour that will save the world. Obaro fights using a staff, that he uses to unleash powerful elemental magic (a great way to deal with large mobs).
  • Sherra (15 year old woman): a battle priestess of the People of Twilight, a clan that live in the sacred mountains of Rahito. According to legends, members of that clan can talk to monsters, and rumour has it they’re the one responsible for the Lost phenomenon impacting the world. Priestesses possess immeasurable magical power, and their healing magic is without peer. Sherra is a master of the bow, and the one she uses is actually as tall as herself. That bow has a similar range to Locke’s crossbow. Sherra’s specialty lies in healing magic and various abilities for her bow.

Next, Square-Enix introduces mecha-like armour called Vulcosuits, that were gifted to the people by the Ancients. Not only do they significantly enhance the abilities of whoever is piloting it, but they all have their own Paradigm Drive function, and they offer overwhelming presence on the battlefield.

As you can imagine, a Vulcosuit is a pretty valuable weapon, which is why it’s quite remarkable that Kanata and his friends end up getting theirs totally by chance. When piloting the Vulcosuit, you need VP to perform actions. When the VP gauge (found in the lower right corner of the screen) is empty, the pilot is kicked out of the Vulcosuit (not literally, of course)… yes, even in the middle of a battle!

The thing is, the VP gauge is shared by all the characters in the party, so that’s something to keep in mind if you have several of them piloting a Vulcosuit at once. To get your VP back, you can go rest at the inn.

The Vulcosuit can be used in battle, but also on the world and area maps too… of course, you also need VP there. If you want to avoid enemies, you can use the Boost ability on the area maps: it increases your movement speed (though only for a fixed amount of time). You can also use the Vulcosuit to remove obstacles.

In battle specifically, you can get a character to pilot a Vulcosuit by spending half of their ATB gauge. As you can imagine, piloting one boosts your stats (Attack, Defense, etc.).

Here’s two of the Vulsuits found in the game:

  • Fadiel: an original Vulcosuit, found in Lagunes (a fortified castle), which suddenly activates when Kanata comes into contact with it. Compared to other Vulcosuits, it boasts superior communication functions, and can link its data with other Vulcosuits. Its Paradigm Drive is called Co-Op, and it allows you to trigger a powerful collaboration technique by linking up with another Vulcosuit.

About those collaboration techniques: there’s actually several types. Some of them can be activated with pretty much anybody, while others require specific party members.

  • Legrufa: an original Vulcosuit, also found in Lagunes, which suddenly activates when Van comes into contact with it. It can provide support for Bits: Van’s exclusive weapons. Its Paradigm Drive is called Divine: it expands the Bits to the sky, and activates when an ally or enemy perform a specific action. The type of action that leads to activation depends on the type of Divine used. Thanks to the Galatine ability, the Paradigm Drive is activated automatically following a critical hit from an ally. When it is, the Bits expand into a giant sword, that falls down on enemies.

Finally, some details about the world. In Lost Sphear, you can use a boat to travel around the world, allowing you to reach islands and new continents. Also, you will often find mechanisms in the ruins of ancient civilisations: those are designed to keep out trespassers, and so you will need to bypass them to progress through the game.

Here’s the latest batch of details and screenshots for the game:

Lost Sphear (Switch) comes out on October 12th in Japan, and January 23rd in Europe and North America.

Source: 4Gamer
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