Lost Sphear: screenshots and details (characters, world, battle system, more)

Last week, Square-Enix announced Lost Sphear for the Nintendo Switch, the second game from Tokyo RPG Factory (the developers of I am Setsuna). A few days after that announcement, more details were revealed about the game, and more precisely the main characters, the world, the battle system, and more.

Lost Sphear – Story

But first, let’s start with the story. Lost Sphear takes place in a world created by Memories. How does that work, you ask? Well, simply by living, people people the planet’s Memories. When said Memories are lost, they become “Lost”, and their very existence is also erased. What has been Lost can not be restored by humans… except Kanata, a young man who uses the power of Memories.

Will this man bring hope to the world, or will he spread despair? One thing’s for sure: his journey is going to have quite the impact on the world itself.

The “Lost” phenom mentioned just above is the result of Memory loss, and instantly turns anything into white smoke, which then disappears. It suddden hits Kanata and his friends’ hometown, Eru, and soon start occuring all over the world. Said world features plenty of different settings,

In this world created by Memories, there are a great number of settings rich in variety and mixed with various cultures.

Lost Sphear – Characters

Here’s the main characters of the game:

  • Kanata (16 year old, sword user): grew up in Eru. On the surface, he looks like a rather mature and calm person, but deep within, a burning spirit and a honest, childlike nature, remains. He learned to use the sword all by himself, and can even compete against Imperial soldiers. He has been tasked by killing the monsters that sometimes appear in town.

    His life suddenly changes when the Lost phenomenom occurs in Eru: his power to change the world through Memories awakens, which certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. The Empire asks him to help in the investigations of the phenomenom. He decides to cooperate with them, but only if they accept to help him find his mother (who disappeared when he was but a child).

  • Lumina (18 years old, melee user): Kanata’s childhood friend, also from Eru. Despite her physical and magical abilities being average, she accompanies Kanata. She learned her melee techniques all by herself. She’s a really polite and gentle girl, always considerate of her opponents… even though she frequently uses Kanata and Locke (her close friends) as her punching bag.

    Her meeting with Kanata completely changed her life: before that, when she first arrived in Eru, she never laughed or cried. But her meeting with Kanata allowed her to regain her emotions, little by little. It’s for that reason she has a deep affection for him, though she’s not sure whether it’s just friendship or truly love.

  • Locke (13 years old, crossbow user): another of Kanata’s childhood friend, from Eru. He’s pretty cheerful, and even though he’s younger than both Kanata and Lumina, he often leads them along. He can make his very own crossbows, and even accompanies the two on their monster exterminations.

    His father holds a pretty important position within the Empire, and his identity is actually a secret. He has never met that father, which is why he decides to cooperate with the Empire alongside Kanata.

  • Van (20 years, Bit user): a man who suddenly appeared in Eru, and seems to know about the Lost phenomenom… even though he doesn’t say much about it. He may say some pretty cold things, he’s actually a pretty kind-hearted person.

    In battle, he uses a mysterious weapon called Bit, which is controlled via magic, and can be used for both offense and defense. It’s a pretty tough weapon to master, that requires outstanding concentration, but if put in the right hands, it combat abilities are quite simply incredible. He decided to head to the Empire with Kanata and the others after witnessing his awakening with his very own eyes.

Lost Sphear – Battle System

Lost Sphear uses the “Active Time Battle 2.0” battle system as I am Setsuna. You encounter monsters in the world, and you enter battles seamlessly. While there are commands for you to choose from (which allows you to take a good look at the situation before doing anything), you’re free to move your characters around during battle. That way, you can make use of the characteristics of your weapons and magic.

For example, you can move around so that several monsters are lined up, allowing you to hit them all with one shot using your crossbow. Using ranged attack skills, you can also make it so you deal damage to every enemy at once.

Finally, here’s plenty of screenshots and artworks for the game:

Lost Sphear (Switch) will be released this Fall in Japan, and in Early 2018 in Europe and North America.

Source: 4Gamer
Translation by: Gematsu



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