[Japan Expo] Fire Emblem Fates: Kozaki Yuusuke draws Felicia

Fire Emblem Fates boxarts

At the 2015 edition of the Japan Expo (which started yesterday), Shigeru Miyamoto gave a Master Class about Super Mario Maker earlier this afternoon.

But it turns out Nintendo brought along another prestigious guest this year (though this one isn’t a developer from Nintendo): Kozaki Yuusuke. If you’re a fan of the Fire Emblem series, you definitely know him: he’s the chara-designer for Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Conquest!

Even though Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Conquest will not come out until next year in Europe (and North America), Kozaki Yuusuke was at the Japan Expo in order to promote the game. He actually drew a brand new artwork of Felicia (one of the characters in the game), using professional software (no, he didn’t do it with Art Academy: Atelier!).

Nintendo uploaded two videos of his drawing:

– a speed cut:

– the full video:

Fire Emblem Fates (3DS) comes out next year in Europe and North America.

Source: Nintendo


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