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Indie news (Feb 5) – Dodge Club Party / Renegade Kid

Dodge Club Party

Dodge PartyJames Montagna (originally from WayForward Technologies) released his first independant game last year: Dot Arcade (a unique collection of 3 mini games on an 8×8 light grid). He’s back with another game for the Nintendo eShop of the Wii U, called Dodge Club Party.

It should be released sometime in March in North America, where it will cost $1.99 (the lowest price possible).A European release is planned (along with Dot Arcade), but nothing has been announced just yet.

You can click here to learn more about it!

Renegade Kids

Yesterday, Jools Watsham revealed that Mutant Mudds Super Challenge would be submitted any day now, which means that development is basically complete. A release date will most likely be announced within the next few weeks!

And a few minutes ago, Rely on Horror published an interview with Jools Watsham, in which he talks about the crowdfunding campaign for Dementium III. We learn that this game is something the team has been wanting to work on for quite a while already, but they don’t have the budget for it.

That being said, they don’t want to commit themselves to a Kickstarter campaign if they’re not sure it will succeed… no doubt they still have in mind the failure of Cult County’s campaign. If the game came to be, it would be released on Nintendo 3DS, but also all modern platforms (including the Wii U, and the NX if possible).

Click here to read it!

The Girl and the Robot

The Girl and the Robot is action/adventure game coming this year to the Wii U (via the Nintendo eShop). You play as a young girl who is trying to escape from a castle ruled by an evil Queen. While trying to escape, she will meet a mysterious robot, that the scan control using her magical pendant.

Last month, the developers posted some pictures for the Maze level, which was compelted during the holidays. Even though players are supposed to feel lost inside, they will be able to get either the girl or the robot on high ground, in order to get a better view of the area and find the exit.

Here’s the screenshots for the Maze level:

Source: Flying Carpets Game

Temple of Yog

Good news for European players: an update for Temple of Yog, with some bug fixes, will be released next Thursday in Europe. No date for North America yet.


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