Inazuma Eleven Ares: details and pictures for the Match Flow

Every month, Level-5 updates the official website of Inazuma Eleven Ares with additional details and screenshots. Naturally, this month is no exception, despite the company announcing that the game was delayed to this Winter in Japan, last week. This time around, the update covers the Match Flow: what happens when you play a match.

In order to win, there’s 3 things you need to master:

  • Basic operations. While this may seem overly obvious, you’re not going anywhere if you don’t know how to play!
  • Hissatsu Techniques. Those powerful techniques are a central element of the gameplay, after all;
  • Override. An even more powerful type of technique that combines several Hissatsu Techniques.

Now, here’s the various parts of a match:

1) Check out the details about the opposing team before kick-off

Going in blind is definitely not recommended; you need to make sure to check out information about who you’re playing against. Before kick-off, you can check out various details about the opposing team: emblems, captain, formations, etc. You need to take all that into account when coming up with a strategy!

2) Kick-off!

Finally, the match begins. You need to make your way to the goal while dribbling and dodging opponents along the way. If you come into contact with one, a Command Battle is triggered: you then have to chose between moving left, right, or using a Hissatsu Technique. You need to take a decision on the spot!

3) Pass the ball!

To avoid your opponents taking control of the ball, you can pass it to your teammates on the field. When doing so, the possible trajectories of the ball are displayed on the screen, showing you which teammates you can send the ball to. You then need to select one of those and if the pass is successful, you will take control of the players who received the ball.

You can choose between several types of passes:

  • Lob Pass: the ball takes a mountain-like trajectory. Speed is slow, but it allows you to send the ball behind an opponent, and it’s hard for them to intercept it;
  • Pass: a regular pass. The ball stays on the ground, and moves much faster. This allows you to quickly pass the ball to a teammate;
  • Through Pass.

When defending, your goal is to take the boal from the opponent. You have to move neaby players to put pressure on the opponent with the ball. You can also have players dash to do so more quickly, but this consumes some stamina. You can then use a Hissatsu Technique to steal the ball and take control of it!

4) In front of the goal, it’s time for a shoot!

Once you’ve made it to the goal, it’s time for a shoot. You can choose between the following:

  • Control Shoot: not all that powerful, but hard to miss your shoot;
  • Power Shoot: easy to miss your shoot, but quite powerful.

Alongside the type, you also have to choose the trajectory of your shoot! Of course, you can also use a Hissatsu Technique to try and overpower the goalkeeper!

When defending, you get to control the goalkeeper when an opponent is about to shoot. You can chosse between the following:

  • Catch: base power is low, but if you’re successful, you get to take control of the ball;
  • Punching: you send the ball flying. It’s quite powerful, but you don’t get to take control of the ball.

You have to predict where the opponent is going to send the ball, and then choose the appropriate command.

5) Go through the first and second half, and aim for victory!

This is how things go durign a match, but it looks like there’s still some secrets left to uncover…

Inazuma Eleven Ares (Switch) comes out this Winter in Japan.



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