Yo-kai Watch 4: more details and screenshots from the official website

Last week, Level-5 announced that Yo-kai Watch 4 was delayed to Spring 2019, even though it was initially slated for a Winter 2018 release. And today, the company updated the official website, providing us with some additional details and screenshots for the game.

As mentioned previously, this new Yo-kai Watch game sees 3 different worlds connected to each other: Keita (Nate)’s world from the original Yo-kai Watch game, Natsume’s world from Yo-kai Watch: Shadow Side, and Shin from the latest Yo-kai Watch movie. And it looks like there’s also a 4th world, still being kept secret…

The characters from those 3 worlds get to meet from across space and time. For example, by going through a mysterious door, Keita ends up meeting Natsume, even though there are 30 years separating those two.

The key to that mystery: the Yo-kai Arks. They basically replace the Yo-kai medals from the previous games, but there’s a major difference: their only purpose isn’t just to summon Yo-kai. They can also open some really mysterious doors, like that one Keita used to travel to Natsume’s world.

If you’ve seen the gameplay footage shared by Level-5 last week, then you already know that Yo-kai Watch 4 features a brand new battle system. This time around, human characters get to battle alongside Yo-kai, on the battlefield. When enemies attack, you can see where their attacks will land thanks to markers on the ground: avoid those, and the attacks will not hit you!

And if you’re watching the Yo-kai Watch: Shadowside anime, then you already know that Touma can transform using the Yo-kai Watch Ogre. To be more precise, he can have Fudomyoo possess him, granting him incredible power and allowing him to land devasting blows to enemies.

When exploring the world, you can change which character you’re controlling on fly. For example, you can switch from Natsume to Touma (and vice-versa) at any time, but this is not just for show: this also changes the kind of Yo-kai Watch you can use.

There’s several playable characters:

  • Touma
  • Natsume
  • Keita
  • and more…

One of the most impressive changes in Yo-kai Watch 4 is quite obviously the graphics: we’ve gone from Nintendo 3DS graphics to full HD graphics on Nintendo Switch, after all! According to Level-5, the new visuals allow you to feel like you’re controlling characters in the anime series itself. One that hasn’t changed is that there’s still Yo-kai hiding all over the place, and you have to find them!

Finally, various important Yo-kai from the Yo-kai Watch: Shadowside anime appear in this game, in their Lightside and Shadowside forms:

  • Jinta (Lightside) > Jingeki (Shadowside)
  • Jibanyan (Lightside and Shadowside)
  • Charlie (a pun on “Chari” which means bicycle in Japanese) Lightside) > Ghost Cycle (Shadowside)
  • Kyubi (Lightside and Shadowside)
  • Orochi (Lightside and Shadowside)

Here’s various screenshots from the official website:

Yo-kai Watch 4 (Switch) comes out in Spring 2019 in Japan.



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