Level-5: trailer and footage for Yo-kai Watch 4, delay confirmed for it and Inazuma Eleven Ares

Yo-kai Watch 4

Today, nearly 6 month after the initially announcement back in April, Level-5 finally revealed the very first trailer for Yo-kai Watch 4. It was originally revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2018, last month, but it was not uploaded on YouTube (or anywhere else for that matter). The only way to watch it was to head to Level-5’s booth on the showfloor, or watch an off-screen recording from visitors.

The trailer itself doesn’t reveal anything really new about the game, though it gives us a good look at the battle system. As mentioned in this post, human characters get to take part in battle, and that’s because the battle-system is more akin to an Action RPG than a turn-based RPG like all previously mainline entries until now.

Here’s the debut trailer for Yo-kai Watch 4:

If you want to see more of the game, Level-5 has also uploaded a video with over 10 minutes of gameplay footage. We get to see some dialogue scenes (presumably from a quest), some exploration, and some battles. In case you’re wondering, the video showcases the demo version that was playable at the Tokyo Game Show 2018, last month.

Here’s the video:

By the way, Level-5 has already confirmed that Yo-kai Watch 4 will not be released until this Spring in Japan, as reported earlier this week. It looks like the company did not wait for the magazine to be out to break the news…

Yo-kai Watch 4 (Switch) comes out this Spring in Japan.

Source: Gamer

Inazuma Eleven Ares

Today, Level-5 also confirmed that Inazuma Eleven Ares was delayed to this Winter. Considering no year was provided, it’s pretty clear we’re talking of January to March 2019, and not December. Unfortunately, the company did not share a trailer, let alone some gameplay footage, like it did for Yo-kai Watch 4…

However, they did upload a new version of the TV Commercial for it, that now shows the new release window:


Also, the official website was updated with more pictures of stadiums from the game:

Inazuma Eleven Ares (Switch) comes out this Winter in Japan.

Source: Gamer



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