Gear.Club Unlimited 2: details and trailer for the Performance Shop

Today, Microids and Eden Games shared some more details and a trailer for Gear.Club Unlimited 2. This time, the focus is on a key element of the game: the Performance Shop, and its new features. Just like in the first game, this is where you can upgrade and customise your vehicle. But it’s not just cars… the Performance Shop itself can be personalised!

When racing the best drivers the world has to offer, you need to pay particular attention to your car and its equipment. For example, if your car is too light, too powerful, and using the default tired, you will have some trouble controlling it and you will most likely end up in trouble. For optimal performances, you need to take into account the characteristics of the materials used, but also actual laws of physics: Gear.Club Unlimited 2 does aim at providing a realistic driving experience after all.

Speaking of the Performance Shop, it’s made of 7 workshops:

  • Mechanical Workshop: modify engines and gearboxes to make cars more powerful
  • Body Workshop: reduce the weight of cars to make them faster
  • Wind Tunnel: improve car aerodynamics
  • Tires Workshop: change brakes and tires to improve grip
  • Graphic Workshop: change colors and apply stickers to cars to make them unique
  • Cosmetic Workshop: customize cars, from the hood to the spoiler!
  • Rally Workshop: modify cars to compete on sand tracks in rally mode

Here’s the latest trailer and set of screenshots for the game:

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 (Switch) comes out on December 4th in Europe and North America, and December 13th in Japan.

Source: Microids PR



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