Fire Emblem Warriors to get a free Japanese voice pack in Europe / North America

Earlier today, Nintendo uploaded the usual launch trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors, which comes out this very Firday (October 21st) in Europe and North America. There’s actually two of them: one from Nintendo of Europe, and one from Nintendo of America.

The trailer from Nintendo of Europe is pretty standard: it showcases the various features of the game, such as the Story Mode, the Fire Emblem features (the Weapon Triangle, strategy elements, Pairs, etc.), History Mode, and more.

Here’s the trailer:

But the most interesting trailer is the one from Nintendo of America, as it reveals a pretty interesting detail: the game will feature Japanese voices after all… but you will have to download them separately. The best part? The voice pack will be available free of charge!

Reviewers with an early copy of the game have reported that the English version already featured Japanese voices, but the only way to get them was to set the whole game to Japanese… which is something you can only do by setting the Nintendo Switch itself to Japanese.

In other words: there’s no way to have Japanese voices with English text on a Nintendo Switch set to English, just like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild before the voices language option was added via a Software update.

But if Japanese voices are already included in the English version of the game, why is Nintendo talking about a “voice pack” to download? Is that pack downloadable separately, or is it part of the Day 1 update? And is the New Nintendo 3DS version also getting it? And yes, the New Nintendo 3DS version is also getting it!

Here’s the North American launch trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors:

As you can see, the trailer also has a few details about DLC, but nothing that wasn’t previously known. For more details about the DLC, make sure to check out this post!

Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch, New 3DS) comes out on October 20th in Europe and North America.



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