Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.4.0: all you need to know (Pair Up, Aether Resort, Allegiance Battles, and more)

Early this month, Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.4.0 will be released. It’s quite the meaty update, that will add various new features and improvements to the game, including some that were already showcased in the latest Feh Channel presentation. As usual, the official patch notes will be added to this page when they’re available.

Here’s a quick rundown of what Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.4.0 has to offer:

  • Changes to Heroes appearing in summoning events are being made.
  • A new mode, Aether Resort, is being added.
  • A new feature, Pair Up, is being added.
  • Adjustments are being made to Aether Raids.
  • New weapon skills and weapons to refine are being added.

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.4.0 – Heroes Appearing in Summoning Events Are Changing

Starting on April 10th, the Heroes listed below who presently only appeared at 5 ★ rarity up until Ver. 1.8.0 will no longer appear in Summoning Focus events bringing New and Special Heroes (however, they will still be available from regular Summoning Focus events, and re-runs of Special Heroes Summoning Focus events):

Red units

  • Luke: Rowdy Squire
  • Alm: Hero of Prophecy
  • Gray: Wry Comrade
  • Saber: Driven Mercenary
  • Sigurd: Holy Knight
  • Ayra: Astra’s Wielder
  • Eldigan: Lionheart
  • Roy: Brave Lion
  • Lyn: Lady of the Plains
  • Karel: Sword Demon
  • Ike: Young Mercenary
  • Mia: Lady of Blades
  • Elincia: Lost Princess
  • Lucina: Future Witness
  • Ryoma: Peerless Samurai
  • Katarina: Wayward One
  • Celica: Caring Princess
  • Sanaki: Begnion’s Apostle
  • Leo: Sorcerous Prince
  • Tiki: Dragon Scion

Blue units

  • Ephraim: Restoration Lord
  • Tana: Winged Princess
  • Nephenee: Fierce Halberdier
  • Lucina: Brave Princess
  • Azura: Lady of the Lake
  • Hinoka: Warrior Princess
  • Linde: Light Mage
  • Delthea: Free Spirit
  • Olwen: Blue Mage Knight
  • Lute: Prodigy
  • Ninian: Orace of Destiny

Green units

  • Minerva: Red Dragoon
  • Hector: General of Ostia
  • Dorcas: Serene Warrior
  • Amelia: Rose of the War
  • Ike: Brave Mercenary
  • Sonya: Vengule Mage
  • Deirdre: Lady of the Forest
  • Julia: Naga’s Blood

Colorless units

  • Faye: Devoted Heart
  • Lyn: Brave Lady
  • Innes: Regal Strategician
  • Takumi: Wild Card
  • Jaffar: Angel of Death
  • Genny: Endearing Ally
  • Mist: Helpful Sister
  • Elise: Budding Flower

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.4.0 – Aether Resort is Being Added

Revealed in the latest Feh Channel presentation, Aether Resort is a mode where you can invite Heroes (your or your friends’) to your Aether Keep, where you can interact with them. Using points known as R&R Afinity, you can build up various structures, and then check out how the various activities the Heroes enjoy inside them. Also, depending on the amount of R&R Affinity you use, you will get some Aether Stones!

Important note: the addition of Aether Resort will require a rather sizeable extra download when you first launch the game after updating. For example, if you set data quality to High Quality, then you will have to download roughly 620MB. However, the actual size of the game will only increase by about 110MB, due to the extra download files mostly replacing older files.

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.4.0 – Pair Up is Being Added

Pair Up is a new ability that allows Heroes who have it to deploy as a Pair in certain modes. From now on, new Legendary Heroes will have that very ability, and Roy: Blazing Lion will get it automatically once the update is released.

Thanks to Pair Up, Legendary Heroes can deploy with another Hero, but only in the following modes:

  • Main Story
  • Paralogues
  • Training Tower

With Paired Up Heroes, you can switch who is in the lead at any time, even after performing an action. You can have one Hero take the lead during offense, and then switch during the Defense Phase, in order to take advantage of the Weapon Triangle. Also, Paired Up Heroes get a stats boost!

Here’s the Pair Up Stat Bonus Equation:

  • Atk: (Pair Up Partner’s Atk – 25) / 10
  • Spd: (Pair Up Partner’s Spd – 10) / 10
  • Def: (Pair Up Partner’s Def – 10) / 10
  • Res: (Pair Up Partner’s Res – 10) / 10

NB: there’s a maximum of +4 for each stat (rounded down). Also, the equation above does not take into account Blessings effects and Stat increase/decrease that occur after deployment on map (like those from transformations or skills like Hone/Fortify and Threaten).

Pair Up options will be available under Interact with Allies, in the Allies menu. Also, an Exclude Pair Up option will be added to the Smart End setting in Settings. If Smart End is set to On, then the turn will automaticall end after all Heroes have acted. If it’s set to Exclude Pair Up, then the turn must be ended manually only if a pair of Heroes have been deployed using Pair Up.

And on April 27th, a new mode will be added: Allegiance Battles. It uses Pair Up, and allows for the Heroes in the rightmost slot of your current team to be paired up with a friend’s Hero, even if neither are Legendary Heroes with the Pair Up ability. The goal of this mode is to get as many points as possible during one battle, with Hero Feathers and Dragonflowers to earn as rewards. Make sure to check out this post for more details about this mode!

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.4.0 – Aether Raids are Being Adjusted

The update will bring two changes to Aether Raids:

  • Seasonal Parties: you will be able to set 10 Raid Parties for Light and Astra seasons (5 for each). With this feature, when attacking in Aether Raids, the 5 parties will automatically switch to Light-season parties during Light season, and Astra-season parties during Astra season. To edit those parties: tap Allies > Edit Special Team > tap the button next to the ? icon in the upper right area of the screen. If you do not want to use those parties, there’s also all-season parties (which are used automatically if you do not create any seasonal parties)
  • Fortress (O) is being improved for Tiers 1-12. When a player in Tier 12 or below attacks, their Fortress (O) will get Level up +4. This allows new players to rapidly progress. Important note: due to that change, replays in which players using Ver. 3.3.0 are attacked by players using Ver. 3.4.0 may no longer work.

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.4.0 – New Weapon Skills and Weapons to Refine

What would a Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes be without a new set of Weapon Skills and weapons to refine? Ver. 3.4.0 will add the following character-specific weapon skills (learnable at 5 ★):

  • Bull Blade (Cain: The Bull)
  • Hana’s Katana (Hana: Focused Samurai)
  • Panther Lance (Abel: The Panther)
  • Peri’s Lance (Peri: Playful Slayer)

Naturally, you will be able to upgrade them once you have obtained them.

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.4.0 – Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails

The following Heroes will be added to Heroic Grails:

  • Titania: Warm Knight
  • Panne: Proud Taguel

Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 3.4.0 – Other Changes

Finally, this update will change the way Merge Allies works. From now on, the remaining ally will take over Sacred Seals and accessories equipped by the source ally (if they do not already have them equipped), as well as their place in your teams.

As usual, make sure to keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates and Characters pages to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Fire Emblem Heroes!

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