Fire Emblem Engage – Emblem Introduction: Lucina (Emblem of Awakening)

Fire Emblem Engage features various characters from past Fire Emblem games, who are called Emblems. They appear in the form of Emblem Rings that units can equip in order to get a stats boost, but also gain access to special skills and abilities. And in this post, we’re going to take a look at Lucina, who is known as the Emblem of Awakening!

Here’s a video showcasing this Emblem in action:

The video above also shows part of a scene where Lucina is talking with Etie. We can see her staring rather intensely at a bunch of flowers…

Lucina (voiced by Yuu Kobayashi in Japanese) is a holy princess who believes in hope and refuses to give in to despair. Make sure not to have her fight on her own, because her strength lies in cooperating with allies. Indeed, she gets a boost in defense and offense when fighting near other allied Units!

Her weapon, skills, and abilities are as follows:

  • Sync Skill: Dual Attack*. Allows any Unit to launch a Chain Attack regardless of their Fighting Style. The further they can attack, the more likely they are to launch one.
  • Engage Weapon: Noble Rapier*. Deals extra damage to Cavalry and Heavy Armour enemies.
  • Engage Skill: Bond Shield*. Offers high probability of nullifying attacks targeting all nearby allies. If the Unit with Lucina’s Emblem Ring has the Qigong Fighting Style, that probability is 100%.
  • Engage Attack: All For One*. When launched, all allies within two spaces of the Unit will take part in a Chain Attack, regardless of their Fighting Style. You can have all your Units take part in that Chain Attack at once depending on how they’re positioned on the battlefield!

*official English name TBC!

Fire Emblem Engage (Switch) comes out on January 20th worldwide!


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