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[Europe] eShop highlights for February 2016: Sadame / 6180 the moon

Nintendo uploaded its monthly video for the Nintendo eShop highlights today.

eShop highlights February 2016For February 2016, Nintendo chose to highlight a total of 8 games: 5 on Nintendo 3DS, and 3 on Wii U. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo mentions Pokémon Red Version / Blue Version / Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition on the Virtual Console. On Nintendo 3DS, there’s Sadame for players looking for a very Japanese action-RPG. And on Wii U, fans of puzzle games should definitely check out the unique 6180 the moon!

Nintendo 3DS

  • Pokémon Red Version (Nintendo, GameBoy)
  • Pokémon Blue Version (Nintendo, GameBoy)
  • Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition (Nintendo, GameBoy Color)
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection (Capcom)
  • Sadame (Rising Star Games)

Wii U

  • Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty (Oddworld Inhabitants)
  • Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo, Wii)
  • 6180 the moon (Turtle Cream)

Here’s the Nintendo eShop highlights video for February 2016:

Which one of these games did you buy last month?

Source: Nintendo


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