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Eurogamer: Wii U production to stop this Friday, Nintendo “denies”

Ever since Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch would release in March, back in April, things have been looking pretty grim for the Wii U. Not only are there less and less (retail) games coming to the platform, but Nintendo is only planning to ship a total of 800 000 units worldwide. Sales have also dropped like a rock since then (such as in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States).

And according to Eurogamer, it’s already the end of the line for the Wii U… the production line, that is. According to them, “multiple sources” have confirmed that production would end this very Friday. It looks like the final deadline for orders was on Monday, and now, the production line will shut down for the last time on Friday after “a small number of further orders were placed”.

To the surprise of no one, Nintendo flat out denied the rumour. A spokeperson told ITMedia that despite the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Switch, there was “no change to our continuing production”, and claimed that Eurogamer’s report was not true (though they specified they were not familiar with the particulars of report itself).

“There is no change to our continuing [Wii U] production.


Even though the Nintendo Switch is slated to go on sale, [Wii U] production is scheduled to continue.”

Does this feels familiar to you? Well, there’s a reason for that: the same happened back in March, when the Nikkei reported that Wii U production would end before the end of the year.

Source: Eurogamer / ITMedia
Via: Kotaku


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