Animal Crossing Direct announced for today

A few weeks ago, during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo gave some more details about the new update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It will add support for amiibo (figures and cards), along with additional features such as the amiibo Camera. We were also told that more details would be provided in a special Animal Crossing Direct presentation.

During the Japanese Nintendo Direct, Nintendo gave a precise date (but no time) for the presentation: November 2nd. But in the European and North American Nintendo Direct, Nintendo only gave us a vague “early November”. Naturally, it was highly likely that the presentation would be streamed simultaneously worldwide, and it looks like it will indeed be the case.

Today, Nintendo announced that the Animal Crossing Direct would be streamed live tomorrow (November 2nd), at the following time:

  • Europe: 3PM
  • UK: 2PM
  • North America (ET): 10AM
  • North America (PT): 7AM
  • Japan: 11PM

During this presentation, Nintendo will give us more details about the upcoming update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, including the release date (it’s most definitely coming this week, since the latest wave of Animal Crossing amiibo cards comes out on Thursday in Japan). Also, in the Japanese presentation, Miitopia will also be featured at the end.

Here’s the links and livestreams:




North America



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