Daily Briefs (Nov. 1): Cruis’n Blast trailer (Arcade), Wii U sales (UK)

Today’s Daily Briefs: trailer for Cruis’n Blast on Arcade, but also…

  • Wii U sales in the United Kingdom (October 2016)
  • Mario Party: Star Rush
  • Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer / NES
  • Sky Skipper

Cruis’n Blast (Arcade)

Here’s the full trailer for Cruis’n Blast on Arcade, developed by Raw Thrills:

Thanks Hero of Legend for the heads up!

Wii U sales in the United Kingdom (October 2016)

Yesterday, GamesIndustry reported that the Wii U’s market share (home consoles) in the United Kingdom for October 2016 was only 2%. In comparison, the best-selling platform (the Xbox One) sold almost 100 000 units.

Mario Party: Star Rush

Here’s two commercials for Mario Party: Star Rush, releasing this Friday in North America (on Nintendo 3DS):

Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer / NES

To celebrate the release of the of Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer / Nintendo Entertainment System (on November 10th in Japan, and November 11th in Europe and North America), Nintendo has been sharing various interviews with famous creators who worked on the games included with the console (such as Shigeru Miyamoto himself, Yoshio Sakamoto, and more).

Unfortunately, no official translation is available as of writing, but at least, Shikamaru Ninja was kind of enough to share a rundown of the major points from each interview. You can check them out in this post!

Sky Skipper

Last week, the team behind the Sky Skipper Project shared a picture of what is believed to be the only one Sky Skipper cabinet left:

If you want to learn more about the project, make sure to check out this post in order to get up to speed with everything the team has discovered/achieved so far!

Source: Sky Skipper Project


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