Etrian Odyssey V: 2 difficulty levels, DLC schedule (FM music DLC to cost 800 Yen)

Etrian Odyssey V: difficulty levels

Yesterday, Atlus revealed via Twitter that unlike the previous entries, Etrian Odyssey V would only have two difficulty levels. Of course, you will be able to switch at any time, should you be getting your bottom bullied by monsters, or if your dungeon exploration is more akin to a leisurely stroll in the woods.

The two difficulty levels are:

  • Basic: for those who want to enjoy a tough adventure
  • Advanced: for those who have traveled through many woodlands and do not fear death

Unfortunately, Atlus doesn’t specify what each difficulty level, but we can assume it’s the same as in the previous entries. For some reason, there’s no “Picnic” difficulty level, but it’s not clear why it was removed.

If you want, you can vote for the difficulty level you’re planning to play Etrian Odyssey V on:

Source: Atlus
A big thanks to Ash for the translation.

Etrian Odyssey V: DLC schedule

Etrian Odyssey V comes out in less than a month in Japan (on August 4th), and while there’s still a few weeks left before release, Atlus has already revealed the DLC schedule for the game. Unsurprisingly, there’s new options for character making, but also the usual quests, and of course the FM synthesis music DLC announced last week.

Here’s the planning:

August 4th

Character models

  • New Adventurer 1 (300 yen): school boy with uniform
  • New Adventurer 2 (300 yen): girl wearing a uniform
  • New Adventurer 3 (300 yen): girl wearing a sweater
  • New Adventurer 4 (300 yen): new illustration of the Paladin from Etrian Odyssey I
  • New Adventurer 5 (300 yen): new illustration of the Medic from Etrian Odyssey I


  • Adventurer Training Plan (300 yen): this quest gives you lots of XP, but also a special accessory that increase the amount of XP you get in battle by 3
  • Adventurer Good Luck Plan (300 yen): a special quest that gives you lots of money, but also a special accessory that increase by 100% the drop rate of materials (with the exception of those with specific drop conditions)



  • FM synthesis soundtrack (800 Yen): can be switched at any time during gameplay, by going to the options. Here’s the Normal Battle Theme (full ver.):

Character models

  • New Adventurer 6: TBA

Source: Famitsu
Translation: Gematsu

Famitsu preview

This week, Etrian Odyssey V will be featured in Famitsu magazine. Besides the details on DLC (mentioned above), there will also be an interview with Yuzo Koshiro. What’s more, the magazine will come with a colouring book supplement.

Here’s the preview from Famitsu:

Source: Famitsu

Etrian Odyssey V (3DS) comes out on August 4th in Japan.


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