Dire Wolf: Eternal / Raiders of the North Sea announced for the Nintendo Switch

Dire Wolf have announced that they’re bringing two games to the Nintendo Switch: Eternal (a Free 2 Play collectible card game) and Raiders of the North Sea (a board game). Both will offer cross-platform support.

Here’s some details and screenshots for Eternal:

Eternal, set in a world of six-guns and sorcery, is the most generous free-to-play CCG available on Steam, iOS, Android and Xbox One. It combines rich tactical depth with fast-paced action and polish, allowing players to freely mix cards and build any deck imaginable. With cross-platform play for Nintendo Switch, Eternal players will be able to play against their friends on all supported platforms.

And here’s some details and one lone screenshot for Raiders of the North Sea:

Dire Wolf’s latest collaboration with Renegade Games is the digital adaptation of Raiders of the North Sea, an acclaimed worker placement game by Shem Phillips. Set in the central years of the Viking Age, players must assemble a crew of vikings and raid unsuspecting settlements as they seek to impress their Chieftain. Raiding season begins this Spring on Steam, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

Eternal and Raiders of the North Sea (Switch – eShop) do not have a release date yet. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Dire Wolf


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