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Daily news (February 20, Round 4): Bokuhime Project / Olympia Soirée

Today’s Daily news: trailer for Bokuhime Project, but also…

  • Olympia Soirée
  • Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition
  • Super Nintendo World
  • UK Sales
  • Kirby Café
  • Dragalia Lost

Bokuhime Project

Here’s a trailer for Bokuhime Project:

Bokuhime Project (Switch) comes out on April 23rd in Japan.

Olympia Soirée

Here’s some footage for Olympia Soirée:

Olympia Soirée (Switch) comes out on April 16th in Japan.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

Here’s a trailer for Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, now available worldwide:

Super Nintendo World have shared a video of the Super Nintendo World event that was held on Wednesday (February 19th) in New York: click here to check it out!

Super Nintendo World opens this Summer in Japan.

UK Sales

GSD have shared some sales data for the video games market in the United Kingdom in January. Here’s some highlights:

  • Software (retail + digital): 2.13 million units (-8.3% YoY);
  • Software (retail): -21% YoY;
  • Softwsare (digital): +3.7% YoY, 57% of Software sales in January;
  • Nintendo had a 21% market share for Software at retail;
  • Nintendo Switch had a 16.3% market share including digital, and 31% only at retail. The discrepancy is due to Nintendo not sharing digital sales data for their own games;
  • Hardware: -42% YoY
  • Nintendo Switch was the #1 console (both by units and revenue), with the Nintendo Switch Lite as the most popular individual console SKU

Click here to check out the Top 20 Software for the month (retail + digital, retail, digital)!

Kirby Café

On March 12th, the second permanent Kirby Café will open in Hakata (Fukuoka, Japan). Here’s some pictures of the dishes and merchandise that will be available there:

Source: Gamer

Dragalia Lost

Here’s the preview video for Chapter 12 of the main story in Dragalia Lost, called Destruction and Domination, which is now available:

Dragalia Lost (Android, iOS) still does not have a release date in Europe yet.


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