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Daily Briefs (Oct. 24): Nintendo’s net income / Monster Hunter Stories / Super Mario 64

Today’s Daily Briefs: Nintendo financial results, but also…

  • Monster Hunter Stories
  • Rayman SNES
  • Off-Camera Secrets – Resident Evil 4
  • Mario Kart 64 TAS
  • Super Mario 64
  • Monster Strike
  • Star Fox sculpture

Nintendo financial results

On Wednesday, Nintendo will reveal its financial results for the first half of Fiscal Year 2016-17 (April to September). Ahead of that, the Nikkei claims to have a scoop: according to them, Nintendo’s net income has jumped to $300 million (x2.6 Year on Year). They attribute most of that significant increase to the sale of the Seattle Mariners (the sale itself amounted to $66 million), but also the success of Pokémon GO.

Sarkan Toto (who reported this scoop in the first place) explains that Nikkei often have “scoops” like this, but with mixed results. Are they spot on this time? We have less than two days before finding out!

Source: Nikkei
Via: Serkan Toto

Monster Hunter Stories

Here’s the Ride Action video for the Nerscylla, which was added last week as part of the latest wave of free DLC. Its Ride Action allows you to become invisible, and sneak past monsters.

Rayman SNES

Rayman is one of Ubisoft’s most iconic games, and one of the most beloved platformers of all times. But did you know it was supposed to get a SNES version? Unfortunately, it was never released… or even completed. And it was never to be heard of… until Michel Ancel himself found the only prototype ROM that exists.

The best thing? It’s actually working! According to him, only 4 people in the whole world have seen the game running. It looks like the game is actually running at 60FPS on the SNES.

Here’s two pictures:

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that this version of the game will ever be released anywhere…

Source: Michel Ancel (1 / 2)

Off-Camera Secrets – Resident Evil 4

The latest episode of Off-Camera Secrets takes a look at what Resident Evil 4 when you “free” the camera and start looking at place you’re not supposed to look at during normal gameplay. That way, you can see some of the secrets/tricks the developers used during development!



Mario Kart 64 TAS

Here’s the latest Tool Assisted Speedrun for Mario Kart 64, finished in 20:33.32!

Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 has been released over 20 years ago, and most secrets have been found. And yet, there’s one that had remained unnoticed until pretty recently!

I show that there’s yet another impossible coin in the game, located in the huge version of Tiny-Huge Island. Specifically, there’s a coin spawner there that’s intended to spawn 5 coins in a horizontal line on the ground. However, this coin spawner’s located under the ground, causing the most uphill coin to not load properly. In particular, this coin spawns about 49 units below the ground, triggering a failsafe that causes the coin to immediately unload. Currently, there’s no known way to collect this coin.

Monster Strike

Here’s a trailer for the Monster Striker movie, which opens on December 10th in Japan:


Star Fox sculpture

Here’s the latest video from the Sculpture_Geek, with a sculpture of Fox Mc Cloud!



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