Runbow: Deluxe Street Date moved to November 1st, patchnotes for Ver. 1.3

Tomorrow, Runbow is getting one last bit of DLC… Shantae, which joins the pretty colourful (pun intended) cast of guest characters from various indie games. To get it, you will need to download the latest update for the game (check out below for the full patchnotes). If you’re planning to get the Runbow Deluxe release at retail, you will not need to download it: it will be included on the disc.

Talking of Runbow Deluxe, its Street Date had to be pushed back to November 1st (instead of October 25th). “Officially”, this is due to “unforeseen error at the magical video game factory”. Well… at least it’s just one week! Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated.

Finally, here’s the full patch notes for Ver. 1.3 of Runbow (which adds Shantae as guest character):

  • [DLC] Shantae has been added to the game as a free DLC!
  • [Gameplay] Fixed a bug where moving platforms would stop disappearing if they were moving when they disappeared
  • [Input] Fixed a bug that didn’t allow more than one Nunchuk to be used at the same time
  • [Input] Fixed a bug that impeded any input if a direction was hold in the stick in a Classic, Pro or Nunchuk Controller
  • [Online] Added full compatibility with Runbow Deluxe!
  • [Online] Fixed a bug where trying to join a full private game would impede the game to play online until restarted
  • [Online] Fixed a bug where trying to join an almost full private game with multiple local players would crash the game
  • [Online] Fixed a bug where losing connection during a cheers of jeers screen with lock the game in that screen
  • [Arena/KotH] Fixed a bug that let you play single-player Arena and KotH by going back to the Character Select screen
  • [Space Adventure] Fixed the numbers in some ‘monster closet’ stages’ descriptions
  • [Localization] The descriptions of two of the Satura’s Space Adventure Records have been translated properly
  • [Localization] The German translation of some of the “DLC TV” messages has been fixed
  • [Gallery] The Talent Scout Record is no longer unlocked earlier if the Lilac free DLC has been downloaded
  • [Gallery] Shantae has earned a spot in our Gallery!
  • [Gallery] The highlight for Gallery items has been recentered
  • [Gallery] A row of records that was slightly misplaced has been moved to its proper position
  • [Misc.] The new 13AM Games logo is now featured in the Intro and Credits scenes
  • [Misc.] Player names with spaces are no longer displayed in a different font in the online Character Select screen

Source: 13AM Games



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