Daily Briefs (Aug. 22): Mario at the Rio 2016 Olympics, Dragon Quest XI confirmed for NX

Today’s Daily Briefs: Mario at the Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony

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Rio 2016 Olympics

Yesterday, there was a big surprise for Nintendo fans watcbing the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics. Mario made an appearance during the ceremony, and Shinzo Abe (Prime Minister) even appeared on stage wearing a Mario cap.

Missed the ceremony? You can watch it again with the recording (warning: video may get pulled down at any time): click here to check it out!

Dragon Quest XI: Sugiarashi Toki o Motomete

When Square-Enix announced Dragon Quest XI: Sugiarashi Toki o Motomete, Yuji Horii revealed that the game would also be released on NX… before Square-Enix backtracked and specified in a press release that they were only “considering it”.

But in the latest issue of Nintendo Dream, Yuji Horii confirmed that the NX version was in the works. Even better: he explained that all versions should be released at the same time, due to spoilers. After all, if one version releases first, players waiting for the other(s) may get spoiled by those who got the version(s) that released first.

You can check out the full translation of the interview part about Dragon Quest XI over at Gematsu.

Dragon Quest XI: Sugiarashi Toki o Motomete (3DS, NX) will be released in 2017.

Seattle Mariners

On Friday, we learned that Nintendo had sold a portion of its ownership in the Seattle Mariners baseball team, after the deal was approved by the MLB. Unfortunately, no details was given on the amount of money Nintendo would get as part of this sale.

But today, Nintendo Co., Ltd sent a press release about the sale, and revealed that the sales amount was $66 million. Here’s what the company said about the sale:

We expect that it will take some time to calculate and confirm the impact of this sale to the Company’s consolidated financial performance. After the impact has been confirmed, the Company will disclose the effect to the Company’s consolidated financial performance as necessary.

Source: Nintendo

gamescom 2016

Here’s some more video about gamescom 2016 from Nintendo:


For the 25th Anniversary of the SNES, Gamasutra published another article about Nintendo’s second home console. This time around, they asked various developers to talk about the 7 greats graphics innovations it brought: pixel art, “Mode 7″… the SNES was a massive step up over the NES in terms of graphics, and this had a significant impact on the industry. Click here to learn more about this!


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