Daily and JP News (Dec. 6): SEGA movie, TV series (Streets of Rage, Altered Beast) / Famitsu previews

Today’s Daily and JP News: Streets of Rage, Altered Beast to get a movie/TV series adaptations, but also…

  • Famitsu previews
  • Gudetama: Okawari Ikakaga’suka


It’s not just Nintendo or Capcom that are looking at movie adaptation of their franchises: SEGA also is. Variety reports that Stories International (production arm and joint venture of SEGA and Hakuhodo DY Group) has partnered with Circle of Confusion in order to produce adaptations (film, TV series) of Altered Beast and Streets of Rage.

But it’s not the only projects Stories International is working on: Shinobi, Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter, The House of the Dead, and Crazy Taxi (all previously announced). They are currently in the process of partnering with major studios, producers, and filmmakers, for a worldwide release of the TV series and films based on those franchises.

Source: Variety

Famitsu previews

This week, the following will be featured in Famitsu magazine:

  • Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) (Nintendo 3DS, out on March 18th in Japan), with details about the Alchemy Style, returning monsters, new Deviant monsters, and more. Click here for details about the Alchemy Style!

Gudetama: Okawari Ikakaga’suka

Here’s the latest trailer for Gudetama: Okawari Ikakaga’suka (on Nintendo 3DS), releasing on Thursday in Japan:



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