Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes announced for Wii U, out this week in Europe / North America

Cube Life: Island Survival is one of the many Minecraft clones that flourished on Wii U (and Nintendo 3DS) before Minecraft: Wii U Edition was released the platform. A “HD” version is coming to the Nintendo Switch at a later date, but before that, a spin-off will be released on Wii U… on Thursday!

Called Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes, the game is basically “Cube Life with guns”. It features bosses, fully destructible maps, a map and a skin editor, and more.

Here’s the main features of the game:

  • Wipe out zombie hordes, but beware of the bosses!
  • Practice your skills and eliminate Bots
  • Local Multiplayer (In many cool game modes)
  • Ragdoll physics
  • Fully destructible maps (destroy the level with tools, guns, explosives)
  • Map editor (create your own maps)
  • Skin editor (customize your hero)
  • Fluid and smooth gameplay (30+ FPS)
  • Large variety of foes and challenging bosses
  • Build your own maps and share with other players
  • Large selection of firearms based on real life weapons

Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes will cost $6.99 / €6.99, but players who already own Cube Life: Island Survival will be able to purchase it for only $3.49 / €3.49 until April 4th.

Here’s some screenshots:

Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes (Wii U – eShop) will be released on March 30th in Europe and North America. It has been added to the Nintendo eShop line-up for this week in Europe, and the Upcoming Releases page!

Source: Cypronia PR



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