Minecraft: new Glide mini-game and Power Rangers skin releasing later today/tomorrow

Yesterday, Mojang announced that Minecraft: Wii U Edition would get an update later today (tomorrow morning in Europe and Japan, due to timezones). This new update will bring a brand new mini-game, called Glide, which was “designed to test your aeronautical skills to the very limit”. It comes with one aerial track, which is the first in a series of free tracks to be released.

The Glide mini-game can be played in Single Player or Multiplayer, and offers several game modes:

  • Time Attack mode
  • Score Attack: go through hoops to rack up points

Here’s a trailer and some pictures for the new Glide mini-game in Minecraft: Wii U Edition:

If you want to learn more about the mini-game, make sure to check out the blog post over at the official Minecraft website!

And alongside the Glide mini-game, a new skin pack will be released: the Mini Game Masters Skin Pack. Some of the skins are available for free, but most of them will need to be bought using pretty real, non-blocky money.

Here’s what those skins look like:

Speaking of skin packs, another one is releasing later today: the Power Rangers pack, which includes skins based on the Power Rangers themselves, but also baddies such as Rita Repulsa, Bulk, and Skull.

Here’s some pictures:

In order to access both the Glide mini-game and the new skin packs, you will need to download the latest update. You will find the patchnotes for that update in this post!

Source: Mojang (1 / 2 / 3)


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