Bravely Second out on April 15th in North America, Collector’s Edition confirmed

bravelysecondYesterday, Nintendo of America held a press event dedicated to the various RPG coming this year to the Nintendo 3DS. Obviously, Bravely Second: End Layer was showcased there, and there were a couple of announcements for it. The first one is what most fans were waiting for: the release date!

Bravely Second: End Layer will be released on April 15th in North America, a little under two months after the European release (on February 26th). This sequel follows the same pattern as the original, which was released in North America two months after Europe.

Good news: the Collector’s Edition will also be released in North America, where it will cost $69.99. Its contents are basically the same as in Europe (minus the Agnès Oblige figurine):

  • the game (physical copy)
  • soundtrack CD (10 tracks)
  • artbook (250 pages)

And last week, Nintendo announced that the demo version of Bravely Second: End Layer would be released on February 11th in Europe. Nintendo of America confirmed that the demo (called “Bravely Second: End Layer – The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers”) would be released in North America, closer to launch.

It features a different story from the full game, which means you will be able to try the gameplay systems without getting any spoilers. Thanks to this demo, you will be able to discover new jobs and areas, with about 10h worth of content. And as mentioned the other day: you will be able to unlock content in the full game depending on how far you progress in the demo. Finally, Nintendo confirms that StreetPass tags will transfer to the full game!

Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS) comes out on February 26th in Europe, and April 15th in North America.

Source: Nintendo



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