Azure Striker Gunvolt: OVA to be released next month on the Nintendo eShop

A few months ago, Inti Creates announced that Azure Striker Gunvolt would get an OVA (a stand-alone anime episode), and that it would be released in Winter 2016. Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear that a Winter 2016 release isn’t going to happen in the end (due to various circumstances delaying it), but at least, it should be this Winter.

The good news is, since they’ve already taken care of almost everything that needs to be done before release, there isn’t that much longer to wait. If everything goes well, the Azure Striker Gunvolt OVA will be released in January worldwide. Naturally, as soon as they have the release date, Inti Creates will share it with fans.

Also, we previously didn’t know how the OVA would be released, but Inti Creates specifies that it would be available from the Nintendo eShop. It’s not clear whether it will be paid or not, though.

In case you missed it, here’s the trailer for the OVA (which has been added to the Upcoming Releases page):

Next, a new update for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is available in North America: it brings the game to Ver. 1.5, and fix a glitch with Mission 5 (introduced in Ver. 1.4).

Also, it’s a bit late for now, but here’s the Christmas wallpaper Inti Creates shared last week (you can get it in different sizes on the Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 official website):

Finally, here’s pictures of two acrylic figures, to be launched in April in Japan:

And here’s a picture of a tapestry releasing in May:

Source: Famitsu / Dengekiya / Inti Creates (1 / 2)



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