Runner3: creepy chair and End-of-Year Tidings

Yesterday, Choice Provisions shared not one, but two devblog posts for Runner3. Unfortunately, they don’t contain any really exciting details about the game, which isn’t too surprising as the team was probably about to go on a well-deserved vacation.

In the first devblog post, they share something really fun and festive… or rather, that’s what they had planned to do, but they apparently didn’t have anything with “sugar plums, mistletoe, reindeer, or even a tin filled with stale popcorn”, so instead, they shared a picture of a creepy chair. Nothing says “Christmas!” more than a good ol’ creepy chair, right?

Here’s the most Christmassy creepy chair in the world:

The second devblog post was used for End-of-Year tidings. Here’s what they wrote:

No matter who you are, what you believe in, what gender you identify as, or how you voted, we believe that there’s common ground with room enough for all of us to stand upon. 

That common ground is a passion for having fun. 

We make games because we understand and enjoy the mammalian need for amusement and joy. What a wonderful thing to be able to peddle and make your living doing. At our offices, we try to have fun as we make fun. 

Fun for you to enjoy. 

In fact, if you recall, in an earlier post, we shared one of our pillars of development with you. Here it is, in case you need your memory refreshed:

“Runner3 needs to be a joyous experience in every moment–both in the game, and during its creation.”

Our holiday wish to you is that you can carry the core of that pillar into your 2017. If all of us bring a little joy with us wherever we go, the world will be a richer place. 

They also shared some pictures of the whole team getting together for the holiday, but also to help finish off a milestone… but what kind of milestone exactly? Unfortunately, they don’t say… Click here to check out some picture of the team!

Source: Choice Provisions (1 / 2)



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