Atlus news (Aug. 3): Etrian Odyssey X selling out / Persona Q2 TV Commercial tomorrow

Etrian Odyssey X

Etrian Odyssey X is the very last Etrian Odyssey game on Nintendo 3DS (but not the last game in the series!), and it was released yesterday (August 2nd) in Japan. And it looks like both Atlus and retailers underestimated demand, because the game is already selling out. Media Create has reported a 70% sell-through for Day 1, and some stores have already ran out of copies.

Atlus even put up a notice on the official website, to apologise for the shortages, and promise that new copies would be shipped to retailers as soon as possible. The publisher even recommends fans place a pre-order, in order to make sure they can get a copy. Of course, they also remind them that they can get the game from the Nintendo eShop, if they really cannot wait (unlike Octopath Traveler, still suffering from shortages, there’s no Download Cards for Etrian Odyssey X).

Considering many Nintendo 3DS games have underperformed in the past couple of years (including some of Atlus’ own titles), and Nintendo 3DS sales (both Hardware and Software) have dropped sharply this year, it’s no wonder Atlus and retailers underestimated demand. Hopefully, used sales will not eat too much into the sales potential of the game!

The first sales data for Etrian Odyssey X will be shared on Wednesday by Media Create.

Source: Atlus

Persona Q2

Persona Q2 was first announced exactly a year ago, but we haven’t heard about the game even once since then. Fortunately, it looks like this time has come for Atlus to finally unveil the game! Out first look at the game will come this Saturday, with a TV Commercial shown during the timeslot for the Persona 5 anime series. Said episode air on Saturday at 24h30, effectively Sunday at 12.30AM (5.30PM CEST / 4.30PM BST / 11.30AM EST / 8.30AM PST). It’s not clear whether the commercial will immediately be uploaded on YouTube, but it’s quite likely that it will.

This commercial will provide us with our first look at the game, and will most likely reveal the actual title and the release date. We can safely expect Famitsu to have further details about the game in its next issue, releasing on Thursday (effectively Wednesday morning/afternoon in North America and Europe respectively).

Persona Q2 (3DS) does not have a release date yet.

Source: Atlus (Twitter)


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