Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.0.0 – All you need to know (Cabin, Friend List, more)

Today, Nintendo released a major Software update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, bringing the game to Ver. 2.0.0. This one adds some pretty neat features such as the Cabin and an updated Friend List, but also makes various improvements.

First: the Cabin. You can find it on the map, though it will only unlock once you have reached Level 15 (which shouldn’t be much of a hurdle for you, unless you’ve only started playing recently). It’s a room that you can decorate the same way you do with the campsite. You can even customise it with wallpaper and flooring, if you want! Also, you can invite your favourite Animal friends to hang out in a nice, cozy private space.

Important: if you have placed the maximum amount of furniture or clothing in your Cabin, then you will not be able to change the wallpaper, flooring, or rug. Simply remove one piece of furniture and clothing to be able to do so.

Next: Picture-Perfect Friend List. The Friend List has been updated, and now allows you to register a photo taken in-game and display it as your Fave Photo in your Friend List. But that’s not all: you can now give Kudos and help people at the Shovelstrike Quarry directly from the list, without having to go to the profile of your friend(s).

Here’s the list of new features for the improved Friend List:

  • Register a Fav Photo to the Friend List (can be changed once every 24h, and can be set to Private if you prefer to keep it to yourself)
  • Give Kudos or Help in Shovelstrike Quarry from the Friend List
  • Buy Market Box items from the Player Information page
  • Check how many Kudos a player has received from the My Information and Play Information pages (tap Details to get there). NB: you can only view the exact number of Kudos for your own character, the number displayed for your friends is an approximation;

Important note: with this update, the Friends icon has been moved just under the Isabelle (goals) icons.

This new update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp also features various Quality of Life improvements, such as increase inventory space:

  • furniture and clothing: increased from 2 000 to 3 000 each;
  • Collected Items: increased to 50. You can increase it even further using Leaf Tickets (up to 200 items)

The update also allows you to have up to 4 special furniture items at your campsite (or cabin), which means that more than one special animal can visit at once. The developers also added an option to skip various animations: those that can be skipped have a “Skip” checkbox displayed on the pop-up window (used to toggle skipping on or off). Finally, you can now level up amenities from the Craft menu even if they are not currently placed in your campsite.

But that’s not all: this new version of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp features various improvements, such as:

  • some of the special animal dialogue that displays when special furniture is placed in your campsite or cabin has been adjusted
  • all lamp-type furniture placed in your campsite, camper, or cabin will all turn on at the same time
  • some Goals were adjusted.

Finally, an issue related to the on-screen display has been fixed.

Source: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp



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