amiibo: official statement from Nintendo of America, pic of Villager reprint

Yesterday evening, Nintendo of America issued an official statement about amiibo stocks in North America. Unfortunately, the statement doesn’t give us any new information, and mostly reiterates what various spoke-persons have said in the past few weeks / months.

First, Nintendo acknowledge (once more) that amiibo sales have (far) exceeded expectations, and they apologise for the shortages.

But even though they’re planning to increase the amount of figurines manufactured and shipped to retailers, some characters will remain hard to find in stores. And as the number of available figurines increases, some figurines will (logically) be easier to find, but Nintendo will keep on looking for the opportunity to reissue some amiibo… In fact, the company already has plans to bring back some of the out-of-stock figures.

FInally, Nintendo promises to make it easier for fans to know when new amiibo (not just new models) are on the way, via press releases, social media, retailers, etc.

Here’s the official statement from Nintendo of America:

We appreciate the enthusiasm that our fans continue to show toward amiibo. Sales for the product have exceeded our…

Posted by Nintendo on Monday, 4 May 2015

And while we’re talking about reissues, here’s two pictures comparing the old and the new version of the Villager amiibo. It looks like Nintendo isn’t simply reissuing the figurines, they’re also making some very slight changes to them (which isn’t all that surprising, considering this is a separate production from the original batch):

Source: Nintendo / Reddit


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