Yo-kai Watch 3: website update (new Yo-kai, new gameplay systems, story, plenty more)

On Saturday, Level-5 updated the official website for Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi / Tempura with quite a lot of additional details about the game. Those cover the various Yo-kai to be found in the game, some of the areas, several of the new gameplay mechanics, and even the pre-order bonuses.

Yo-kai Watch 3Story / Characters

In Yo-kai Watch 3, Nate moves to the USA (and more precisely to St Peanutsburg) due to his father’s work. The website shows the Springdale International Airport, as well as as Nate moving his belongings to his new room (naturally, Jibanyan didn’t wait long before going to sleep!).

Nate will soon meet the local kids, and befriend them. But one of them is a bit special: he’s called Mac, and he seems to be able to see Yo-kai… but without a Yo-kai Watch?

In the Japan (or Japon, as called in the game) side of Yo-kai Watch 3, you play as Misora Inaho, accompanied by USApyon. You manage a Yo-kai Detective Agency, solving various mysteries. You will also get to build a rocket, which is something related to USApyon (as seen in the anime series, in Japan).

The website confirms that there will also be new bosses to be fought in the Japan side of the game. It also teases a connection between the USA and Japan side of the story, but doesn’t give any explanation for now. Apparently, some of the events in the USA will be featured in a Japanese magazine about UFO (that Misora Inaho is reading, as she’s really into aliens).

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In the USA side of the game, Nate will also have to solve its own share of mysteries. Some really strange events are occuring in town, such as poltergeists in an old mansion, strange figures drawn in fields, and even zombies appearing all of a sudden. You will also get to meet a new Yo-kai called Miss * Terry, who seems responsible for a mysterious crash in town.

The screencaps below show some of the mysteries, along with a pretty obvious reference to X-Files (with a character called Murder, accompanied by a woman).

During your investigation, you will be accompanied by Mac (the mysterious young boy who can also see Yo-kai). At one point, you will investigate a shopping mall, where a “super” zombie boss resides.

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Dream Link

Dream Link is a new mechanic introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3. It’s some sort of gun, which uses the core part of the Yo-kai Watch (where you insert medals). You can use it in battle by touching the icon on the bottom screen. According to the website, you get various powers depending on the tribe of the Yo-kai medal you’re inserting.

For example, the screencap below shows the player inserting the medal of a Yo-kai from the Brave tribe, which allows you to use the “Brave Bazooka” power. The icons on the Dream Link imply the gun can be used both for attacking enemies (Attack Mode), but also heal your own Yo-kai (Heal Mode?). It seems you can also adjust the “intensity” of the gun, which means there’s most likely a limit to how much you can use a medal with the Dream Link.

More details will be revealed soon.

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USA Yo-kai Gacha

In previous Yo-kai Watch games, you could get various Yo-kai from a Gacha machine / Capsule Toy Machine. It turns out that Yo-kai Watch 3 will also have its own Gacha machine. By using it, you can get some special / rare Meriken Yo-kai (the name of the American Yo-kai). There’s a roulette on the machine itself, and it determines what kind of Yo-kai you will get from it.

There seems to be two modes, with the regular one using orange coins. You can also bet some blue and pink coins in order to increase your chances to get a rare Yo-kai.

The website shows some of the Yo-kai you can get via this machine:

  • Demoneedo
  • Unbelievabou
  • Nanskank
  • Hamigakifujin

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At one point in the adventure, you will be able to get a raft, that you can use to travel on a river and reach your secret base.

You control the raft using the touchscreen, going left or right in order to avoid the obstacles on the way. It seems you can even use Yo-kai attacks to defend yourself.  What’s more, the website reveals you can customise the raft, in order to improve its specs (such as maneuverability, speed, etc.). Maybe there’s raft races at one point in the game?

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Even in the USA, you will be able to meet some Legend-rank Yo-kai, such as:

  • Last Bushinyan (a reference to The Last Samurai movie)
  • Bourgeois G (bourgeoisie)

Several other regular Yo-kai are also introduced:

  • Muchaburiko
  • Hijouguchi
  • Amanjiru
  • Dainashii
  • Geekun
  • Kibandoll
  • Bungeekyuusu
  • Ecolojii
  • Wakaranaa
  • Chocobanaana
  • Damejaa
  • Himajin
  • Aitatatimes
  • Shutendouji
  • Iisenitteru
  • Karayaburi

Finally, it looks like Yo-kai Watch 3 will feature playing card game versions of Yo-kai, such as:

  • Fuyunyan Ace
  • Whisbaba (Joker / Old maid)
  • Komajuurou (10)
  • Komasan J
  • Jibanyan K
  • USAPyong Q

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But that’s not all: the website shows some of the version-exclusive Yo-kai.


  • Otohime (Legend)
  • KK Bros.
  • Skyshariman
  • Origin
  • Kontan
  • Bunny * Mint
  • D-Rex
  • Akkerakan
  • Shireikan
  • Iiei (pun based on the word “Ie”, which means house in Japanese, and “yeah”)
  • Yakionigiri
  • Yami Kyuubi
  • Otonagai
  • Onigirizamurai


  • Ashura (Legend)
  • Tomnyan
  • Batbouya (Bat Boy)
  • Saki-chan
  • Kimete Maou
  • Zero Hakase
  • The * Shark
  • Speedee W
  • Ribone
  • Ponkotsu
  • Rainbone
  • Hikari Orochi
  • Urayameshi
  • Buraindon
  • Okiracoon

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NB: the reading of some of these Yo-kai names is tentative.

Pre-order bonus

As mentioned previously, you get a special Yo-kai Dream Medal if you buy Yo-kai Watch 3 at retail. If you scan the QR Code at the back of the medal, you can get a bonus: a special and very rare kind of coin, which increases your chances to get a S Rank Yo-kai from the capsule machine.

  • KK Bros.: Sushi Coins
  • Tomnya: Tempura Coins

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Final Fantasy XIV collaboration

Finally, here’s more pictures for the collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV in Yo-kai Watch 3:

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Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi / Tempura (3DS) comes out on July 16th in Japan.


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