Xenoblade Chronicles 3D: some videos for newcomers

Today, Nintendo announced that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D would be getting a livestream, on March 28th. This presentation is aimed at newcomers who never played the game on Wii, though obviously, those who already have definitely should watch it too! But that’s not all: Nintendo also opened a new section on the game’s official website in Japan.

This new section has several video showcasing the main aspects of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and more precisely:

– the story and characters
– the exploration of an open world
– battles
– quests and links

Here’s the various videos:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – Characters and Story

Click on Read more to find the rest of the videos (if you’re reading this from the front page):

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – Exploration

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – Battles

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – Quests and Links

And finally, here’s some screencaps from the website:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New 3DS) comes out on April 2nd in Japan and Europe, and April 10th in North America.



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