Wide Care for Nintendo Switch: Nintendo ends its extended warranty service in Japan

Launched last year in Japan, Wide Care for Nintendo Switch is an extended warranty service for Nintendo Switch owners. Launched in collaboration with Aeon Japan, it’s a subscription service that guarantees up to 6 repairs (including two that involve the full replacement of the console), worth up to 100 000 Yen (taxes included), per year.

This service is particularly useful when the legal warranty has already expired and/or your console is impacted by an issue that is not covered by said warranty (if you submerged it in water, dropped it on the ground, etc.). It allows you to have your console repaired at a minimal and fixed cost (subscriptions cost 200 Yen/month for the monthly plan, and 2 000 Yen for the yearly plan), without having to pay for the full repairs.

That service was launched in July 2022, but it looks like it may not have lived up to Nintendo and/or Aeon’s expectations for Nintendo is pulling the plug on it next month (barely a year after launch). After August 31st, the company will no longer accept new subscriptions and renewals, and after July 14th, it will no longer be possible to make changes to current subscriptions.

Naturally, users who have already suscribed to Wide Care for Nintendo Switch will not be immediately affected: the service will still be available for them until the end of their subscription (but they won’t be able to renew it).

Source: Nintendo


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