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Today’s Super Mario Maker #6; exposition at Kyoto Station in October

With less than month until release (September 10th in Japan, September 11th in Europe and North America), Nintendo launched Today’s Super Mario Maker last week: every day, the company is going to highlight a particular element from the game, via videos, screenshots, etc..

Today's Super Mario MakerToday’s Super Mario Maker (August 24th)

Today, Nintendo uploaded a video to showcase one of the most hany elements of the level editor in Super Mario Maker: afterimages of Mario. If you click on the Mario icon at the bottom left corner of the GamePad screen, you can display afterimages of Mario. Those allow you to see clearly the trajectory of the character while running and jumping.

Of course, this isn’t just for fun: it’s actually a pretty important tool that allows you to see if Mario can effectively jump far enough to cross a gap for example. That way, you can put various obstacles and pits while making sure the players going through your stage will be able to pass them.

Remember: you have to be able to complete your own level before being able to upload it online, so being able to see if your obstacles aren’t impassable by a single glance is definitely going to be handy. That will save you a lot of time!

Here’s the video:

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Source: Nintendo

Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. series, Nintendo has planned several events in Japan: concerts, a festival and… an art exhibition! Starting October October 23rd, fans will be able to visit a special exhibition on the 7th Floor of the Kyoto Station, with Rimpa-style folding screen paintings of Super Mario Bros. characters, by Tarou Yamamoto. Click here for more details (Japanese-only)!

Source: Famitsu
Thanks Cheesemeister for the help with translation!


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